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Him whatsoever here's a player he knows that you know that you can go over his what are some of these answers for me and it's obviously he's not answering some questions now that it's not that hard to answer like is your letters you think the letter say tell you prepared to say your letter is fake news like I I just don't have any memory of writing it so you know for you know so that's for me that's a little sign he's giving me that I don't have the memory you could just say no I didn't like that there are other things in his responses to me that make it obvious he's getting antsy can't say it but you know it's it's a real letter the documents real United health we've spoken to so many people you were around needs at the time the people in neighbor doctor Davis is working six months was too much before it stopped working there but he's still connected all those people know everybody knows it's not and the people online are telling us it's fake it's like reach out to contact made some contacts you don't **** with many peoples we've yet but just a couple you'll find out this is like the worst kept secret in ufology and our people so I'm just saying it's fake I'm sorry it's fake so here we are and I'm glad I wrote it I'm still tired from staying up three days in a row but I wanted to be if the New York times's writing it like we think they are I want to beat them the stories aren't that part of the story and I'm glad I did it and it's definitely one of the best things I've ever written I don't usually trades I worked usually I'm like here you go you know it's not bad you know it's a transcript but this one I really am proud of and that's the most excited for me I haven't I haven't been this excited since ninety six when I first got into this that's why I cannot wait to see what they do is and I do see that there's not that they're working on a story that's not even in doubt either somebody said well let's switching the other day told me they're not working on it so I'm sorry she would not lie on a bike yes you were this is the biggest story in the history of humanity they're gonna lights they're allowed to live let them go do this or I mean I should be you know they it would be nice to get a price but I cannot I cannot not talk about this so yeah they're doing a story and this is a matter of when will the adders publishing at what level they are you know approve it and then what in what is actually in the article will it change things the idea that the new York times might be working on a story about UFO crash retrieval operations is is stunning but it's hard for a lot of people get their head around we we talked about it on the program last week and I my comment was I I I think they are working on it but because of some people they've contacted but it would be really hard to get it passed the editors are really heavy left Danny would you read Joe's massive opus at but you see that Eric Davis says no comment will Miller is kind of wishy washy about it an admiral Wilson flat out denies it were you to turn did you worry that this story was gonna blow up my thoughts on the Wilson Davis document you know I just talked to too many people behind the scenes including you know yourself George was around his at the time and it's it's a real document it happened you know I don't know if what the special access program managers told Wilson what they relate to him was accurate you know we could debate that so we don't know if that's true information in there but the meeting happened the document Israel you know it is a mechanism to ufologists and I'm and nothing against them might listen to ufologists who found out about the story twenty years later or and work around it my illness and to people from man's or read between the lines about what Eric Davis has done you know with his government clearances and all this kind of thing you know it's it's a no brainer the whole thing that throws me for a loop is this deferments clearances don't agree which does happen sometimes on issues so I think that you know very seriously but if it's these great sources that I've been doing this their whole life verses you follow Jesus I'm always going to go with the green sources first and if the whole matter of proof it hasn't been a hundred percent proven yet but everything matches up and when you're talking to so many people behind the scenes that nowhere Davis and just about the story that I've known about the story for decades it's real now there's this other document that also came out that we we may end up talking about me and you have a different approach to that I don't know that that document is real I'm merely reporting on claims and you know a lot of people are are kind of misrepresenting what I'm saying and saying that I'm saying that these documents there that other document Israel however I'm not I'm merely reporting so injured differ in that aspect and we kind of get one together well we'll we'll get into that discussion that a document in a bit Joe back to you so part of one of your posts this is based on a relationship with Eric Davis that you develop you can talk to about I have known Eric for a lot of years and you know he was with needs then as you point out he left when this meeting took place she had just separated from the ads the National Institute for discovery science a few months earlier was still tied into that network and was still certainly you communication with us some of the board members help put off and Dr Edgar Mitchell the sixth man to walk on the moon and this information made it into their hands and that's part of the reason it became public right right we're not here today and it's sad if editor Mitchell doesn't pass away we're not talking about this he passed away in two thousand sixteen I believe and two thousand eighteen Australian James rid me of crowds grant Cameron at a conference and said Hey I got some documents you really need to check out and grand like I'm on the way I gotta go I gotta go and really just give me ten minutes and you show them the grand camera and one of the first names is okay Shannon cameras like okay Shannon twenty years ago he shot Eric Davis asked me he said here here okay Santa's notes from the John Alexander advanced theoretical physics group that studied UFOs so they were Eric Davis not Okey Shannon's notes that every day with games since it was there was a relationship between the Shannon and Eric Davis so great camera remember that he sees the document.

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