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Boston spent the past. But it's held in by pele across they here's nelson brock nelson setup beautifully by anthony and the islanders in game five. Have a five two lead. John forslund i think on nbc sports network islanders of five to that point. That was the deciding goal. Is they hold on for the five four win you guys. Were discussing the time out that barry trotz took what he told the team to. So let's get back to our game. Let's get back to our game of a pushing forward and I thought we we stabilize that pretty pretty well. I thought the last Five minutes our guys did an excellent job. Semi varlamov with forty saves goals as well for abberley pomeranian barzal on the power. Play josh bailey scored. I also heard you mentioned mary. How hall mary. What a trade deadline pickup that. It's turned out to be in pretty good last year and given the contract extension patios lived up to everything here. Was bruce cassidy. The bruins head coach. You guys were referencing. These comments earlier. This is my take on. We're playing a team that has Know very respected management. coaching staff. they want stanley cup. So but i think they sell a narrative over there that It's more like the new york saints and that they seen so. I can't even imagine what fans are going to be sounded like tomorrow night wine. E-excuse making all dress up like saints. Why would you dress up like a saint. Someone told you to dress up. Like a saint robe like i'd go in a red red hat. The big hat moss. Maybe i'm thinking of a monk. Like some some sort of a nimbus around your head. Nimbus halo h-a-l-o alright. Yeah him. yesterday is one of the funniest things i've ever heard. What the hell are you doing behind. And then when eddie al-said playing boomer fart sound today maybe two little this my goodness you really are one of the smartest people i've ever met the headline right. It says shooting surge in new york city attention for long bloody summer ahead. Why am i wonder because sixty thousand person concert in the middle of central park could be interesting because he's not going to that and yes there you go. You go canadian. So game. Six at the coliseum wednesday night. The islanders can close it out canadians. Beat the jets and overtime. Three to tyler. Toffoli the game winner their mets baltimore tonight. David peterson hopes to not vomit for himself. Like san diego. He faces bruce. Zimmerman and the yankees are in minnesota jordan. Montgomery takes on for yankee. Michael pineda on the fan at seven thirty red sox beat the marlins last night. Five to three padres over the cubs. Nine four very quiet night. And you of course mentioning the passing of jim fossil at the age of seventy one each the morning show with boomer esiason in gregg giannotti boomer and geo.

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