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Who can help you coaching through this ordeal? Herbalist with concerns and their wives fantastic careless. But somehow in my mind, I don't like to be dependent when we never been dependent or picky seven years. And now the government's gonna take it all away what kind of stress does that put on your family. Well, my husband does not know I prefer to keep him out of the loop to keep him. So I put the worry on me. And it's not easy. What if anything would you like to say to the members of our government who have not been able to end this shutdown, please realized that outside of your doors? There are people who are suffering. You sit in your offices, and you have your food and your was and your families. We're sitting out here struggling to get by day after day, please help us. Appreciate your insight and your sharing your story. Gayle, thank you so much and best of luck to you. Thank you very much problem. Solvers are stepping up to help with a five thousand dollar donation to. Help fill the coastguard food Bank where shelves are bare. And on top of that we're willing to match your donations up to another five thousand dollars. So that's ten thousand to get us started. There are thirty five hundred active duty reserve and civilian serving in the Pacific northwest. Go to KOMO news dot com slash problem. Solvers to donate. Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on KOMO news. In a continued effort to get Chinese goods to American buyers. Amazon is ramping up its ocean. Shipping service today.

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