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Oh we don't speak to anyone named doug anymore. What's up all right. Here's my here's my scoop. Yeah i'm happily married been married a long time and my wife She drives a van. And i drive a volkswagen golf with a manual transmission. Now my wife cannot drive stick shift so she can't drive my car and in fact we've Since we've known each other we've never shared a vehicle. That's the best way the best way. Well okay. i'm getting to the point here now. i'm very neat in my car. She is very neat everywhere except in her car and she can tolerate a lot more mess than i can. Yeah we've discovered over the years that i this is merely an observation. Yeah okay and i don't mean to suggest anything by it but most women's cars are met before he says. I want to distance my irrefutable. His most women's cars are mess inside. My what we have grandchildren little kids. Who live near us. And so she's always carrying them around and i'm amazed at At the mess. That accumulates in there sometimes tell you the truth. Kids stuff i mean. I don't drive her car very often. But one time. I hopped in and the steering wheel was coated with spilled with felt like something. Sticky like spilled soda melted ice cream and melted lipstick. All over the engine. Cover so my question do you. Guys is my volkswagen. Golf has Almost two hundred thousand miles on it and what by another one gets to stick shifts if he can. I mean my wife suggested. Wouldn't it be nice. She says darling. Wouldn't it be nice if the next vehicle had an automatic transmission. So that i could help out on the driving on some of the long trips that we take and very sweet but i just want to say i'm not going to give you any advice and whatever you hear is coming our brother. Raymond francis ma yahtzee. Well is giving you all of the advice. I wouldn't touch that plus ten foot pole. I'll have the courage the ted. Get a stickshift. Ruin it on you. That's my inclination. I think that automatic would cause us marital stress. Yeah well but what. What's how you going to get out of it. What are you going to give her. As a reason when you say no honey too much of a better mileage more pick up the you know you love which is true. It's cheaper my mental health. Yeah we're gonna you're on your own on this. What i will say i'm thinking throw go. Yeah well i'll tell you. My wife recently was dry. She was behind the wheel and my wife always had a pretty neat car. And i never really were whether i drove her car. She drove mike she was. I'm not that i'm a neat nick. Either but we were relatively. We're on the same plane. No and named slob reading the point eight. She is eating candy bar or some such thing and she takes the rapper tosses it. Oh i toss over power to the people said. I'm sick of being neat. I figured i was done. You should see your colonel is above four inches of junk on the floor in the back. So i i've given up. There's some delicate politics involved in this question. I think his his. I would stick with it. Were i giving advice. Which i'm not giving. Yeah they don't sell it anymore. Know the stick shifting and the manliness aspect right. You say hon. We've been married. I'm an old married guy now. And i've been emasculated in every possible way. Only thing left for my machismo is the stick shift. So i can get in the car angle room room room and use that thing and shift into all those gears. It's a manly thing. Please don't take this last piece of mainly from me. Stick with that like yeah. I would stick with that too okay. Well i'm gonna give that some thought. And maybe that's what i'll do all right. Thanks a lot guy. He's done for one. Eight eight eight car talk or one. Eight eight eight two seven eight two five five. Hello you're on car. Talk kim from washington state. High divulge Tacoma so what's up kim. Well i've listened to you guys enough to know that you're great marriage counselor indeed and so what. I need to know. This has to do with cars. Trust me. i need to know who was more stupid me or my husband. We don't use words like that. Kim don't know how 'bout idiot. We'll we'll get to that you go ahead and tell us the problem and we'll tell you the proper method of communication because we've been in therapy on this for a long time frank. Learn the lingo. You know what i mean and the words more and stupid are to be eschewed. Okay go ahead to start my husband that moron. I'll put her the right. Who parents center this other words. They'll come out of your mouth my husband that more on that blank okay. He found a lexus that was abandoned at the airport and he decided it was there for three years. I thought to every time we flew out. There's that lexus. And it's got grass growing around it. It has boot on it. You know so nobody can steal it right so he decides he has to have it so he purchases the lexus From the bank because the guy that abandoned it never made a payment on it and quit pan the airport okay so he owed the bank so the parking lot yield of nine five a deal right. They made a deal. But i was concerned about the car because of what he found in the car. What he found was bolt cutters and shoe covers. And one of those key punch things you know that you punch out the lock of a car found. The dome light was disconnected. And then the lights on the doors were taped over so these whoever was using this car was using it to to some nefarious enterprise. Wow i'm feeling like when you to go and witness protection. So does he have this karnal. God yes he has the car running running it runs. Well it runs well but you're worried that it has out of our sight has dragon tracks. Chinese it's just got bad vibes new eight pay for an all toll. Well see. here's where you guys are going to think he's not so dumb. He paid four thousand dollars for it. He's a genius really between the bank and the parking place in the getting the boot removed. What a deal. That guy's a genius shoot. Well you know. I gotta tell you before you go want. This is every guy's dream. God is i mean. There's nothing better i mean. I guess women don't respond to these guys but the something a euphoric getting something for nothing. I mean he got the car for nothing and then somehow susceptible to these. You won't believe this the too good to be true thing. I mean there were years and years and years in which guys would show up at kinds of auctions government auction where they were expecting to get a complete jeep. Lvn in pieces in a crate. Fifty dollars leftover world war two and when those ran out there we're going to sell them the gps when world war one and you can't believe the millions of men who showed up for these things because they believed this to be true. That was the first million man march back. All the governor was the post office because someone had mailed a few hundred thousand of these jeeps in crates. It's no surprise that your husband succumbed to the lure of this legs us. He couldn't help himself because in his mind. This was the jeep that he never got seventeen. He became quite obsessed or the steered it in that context. Okay that doesn't mean he not a moron but it's almost redundant to call him a busies a guy. This is going to be. No he's a. But i do agree with you that there are certain wagon tracks associated with this car. But you may be able to visit someone to get them. Removed the dragon track. He had a detailed less. I don't think that white walls dragon. That's different department. I'm afraid to tell you what i did because now you're going to say i'm a complete idiot. Haven't even told you my what i bought. Oh i know what you bought you bought the whole ginsu knives. not not. That wife did the same thing goes into the garage and he glances over at what i bought and then i have no arguments. You bought a car. yeah. I got it okay. No i bought a nineteen sixty six volkswagen camper van. Oh man well. If you dump this guy call us will marry. Those cold. wasn't in great shape. It's in perfect shape. Man i have to say. I came very very close recently to buying one. Yeah and he also came very close at the same time to being divorced again..

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