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A project to be to have a stadium built just about five billion dollars dude five billion billion billion b billion five billion dollars okay the good news the good news is this is not taxpayers money this is like a private like sounds like a real estate project basically so so it's it's it's ridiculously high money here it's it's a massive monstrosity the hollywood park location area and apparently i think what they got the super bowl era twenty twenty two i believe it is because you had to push it back a year because their stadium stadiums not going to be ready until twenty twenty okay so it might be twenty twenty one now i don't remember anymore i think it's twenty twenty two hollywood park location super bowl in february of twenty twenty two go i got it so yeah man this is crazy i mean the los angeles rams are stadium to be the cost just about five billion dollars i'm enough not i mean what what this is crazy how much i trust for ticket holders could you might as much the ticket cost going to be i know again what your kids your little ps l and then your ticket price war smokes dude like the rams by the way okay they they are not only probably gonna have the best defense in football their team's going to be they are just building they're going to be a dynasty i'll tell they're going to be i project in the next couple of years then a decade going forward they will be that new england patriots they way they're building a staying and not just because of this insanely ridiculously overpriced building they're putting together that looks something out of the jetsons and it is nfl media is going there when it fell dot com fiftieth where the ramsey nfl yesterday the combine might pop possibly be there when this is all said who else knows what's gonna go go in there but yeah we're almost five billion five billion dollars for a stadium it's unbelievable i mean what's actually four point nine six three billion look yarbrough at that point we'll call it a five billion i mean really i it's like is the nfl just moving here i mean it's i this makes me feel more like i really need to be a rams fan now i mean they.

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