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Were with Ken Malik and Josh Smith from Universal Roof and contracting. And guys, we've gotta call her. We've got Brian on the line. Morning, Brian. Right? Brian, Go ahead and talk to them about your pipe question. All right. So I had a home inspection done, um, in the midst of selling the home, and, uh, The inspector came back and said that the pipes in the home are polybutylene in there. Um it's a cement home, so all the plumbing comes up from underneath. I'm trying to figure out how would I find out about If they are polybutylene, and then find out if I'm like How difficult is it to be typed this home? If need be, Uh, so two great questions. Party polybutylene pipes where you know, kind of a big next generation piping back in the seventies late seventies. Hottest thing to hit the market. This is going to be great. Uh And then it turned out that, um I from what I remember The history is that the disinfectants and our water supply basically react with the pipe over time they cracked and they rupture. So, uh, For instance, if you're going to buy a house and you find out that it has polybutylene, a lot of insurance companies won't cover that they'll put you know something in there about or they just won't even cover it because we know that Polly Googling will crack over time and rupture. That's a big problem to have a pipe rupture, especially if you're not home on vacation. Whatever the case may be, So, um your second question is about re piping if you have a concrete home. If you reach out to the community, find a licensed plumber that has done re piping, and that's their big thing is re piping. It's not a major issue at all, because a lot of Homes. A lot of plumbers. They'll just go up through the attic. They run the pipes along the attic. Um, I I think a lot of them are using packs now, which actually packs is in my home. It's a great solution. They put the pecs in, and they basically just discontinue the entire polybutylene system. And you know if you're selling your home or whatever the case may be, you can bring the inspector back out showing that you now have packs. And they should give you a clean bill of health. So could I ask one more question. Yeah. All right, So the house was built in 1990. I believe that this pecks on here I've been here for 20 years and that had plumbing stuff done here, and I was told back in the day that it was Tex plumbing that I have So packs and Polly Beauty line looks similar, Uh, you're going to want to look at the pipe itself, and if it's if it has a P B on it, I think that's the easiest way. To actually, uh, denote it from pecs because it does look similar to packs. So if it's PB if there's a P B on there, that's polybutylene, um, otherwise you can always call and get another. Um, I wouldn't call another home inspector. Maybe I would call a plumber out and just say and say, Hey, I was told I had polybutylene pipes. Do you mind? Come take a look and and Maybe they can write up a letter and say No, This is not polybutylene. It's actually packs. It could just be that someone you know they could have looked under a sink and salt with a flashlight and just kind of missed, you know, misdiagnosed it. Yes, sir. 1990. Were they using that polybutylene piping? Believe by the nineties, we were done with polybutylene piping. I thought the house was built in 1990. Yeah, a lot of the okay then. Yeah, Lot of it was the late seventies. Um, if it was built in 1990, I think maybe the early part of the nineties they were still using Poly Beauty Lane because, like I said the The reaction in the in the rupture of the pipe is an incident. It takes a It's a long process of decay. So, um, if it was early nineties, there's a chance you had you had polybutylene. And if that's the case, just call the service plumbing to tell you. Yeah, let the pipe tell you and then get a plumber out there and they will They could take care of that for you. Thank you for your call. Brian. We really appreciate it. That does leave a line open for you. You can call us right now. 8445809326. This is the in the House radio show. It's brought to each and every week by universal roof and contracting and renewal by Andersen windows and doors if you have any questions about roofing Or windows and doors. You please. Or any home improvement. You can give us a call right now. The number to call 8445809326 well, and I know Brian was just tuning in. Maybe he missed the first segment of the show, so I want to bring this up again. Major announcement for Veterans Day, which is November November 11th this of this year Veterans Day.

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