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Can take back your country. You can put an end to communism to globalism. And that is Jake Anjali from Arizona, and he Tops Washington D C. Police is most wanted list after yesterday siege. They accused the conspiracy theorist of unlawful entry. Police also arrested Arizonans Joshua Knowles and Marsha Murphy for unlawful entry and curfew violations. 56 police officers were hurt. The Pima County Republican headquarters was vandalized overnight following the historic riots that happened in D. C in a statement, the newly elected Pima County Republican Party chair Shelly Chaos, says bugs vandalize the building and that the people of Tucson will Not stand for violence and lawlessness. Arizona Congressman Greg Stanton wants VP Mike Pence to start the process of report removing President Trump from power. But is that necessary? State is one of over a dozen House Democrats calling for the 25th amendment to be invoked after rioters stormed the U. S Capitol yesterday. The Republican David Schweikert tells Arizona's morning news in many ways. That's another example of the political class, firing it up, hopefully not sending out a fundraising email with it at the same time stands As President, Trump has shown to be unwilling to protect our democracy and carry out the duties of his office. Jeremy Foster Key to Our News, Arizona Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva is one who joined the call to invoke the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office. He tweeted Trump is a national security threat and must be removed from office as soon as possible, whether by the 25th amendment or impeachment. Today. I join this effort with my colleagues to hold the president accountable for his attack on our democracy. Now, with all the talk of invoking the 25th amendment, some may wonder what exactly does that mean? Katie years, legal analyst Monica Lindstrom explains. The 25th amendment says that the vice president and the president's Cabinet can get together and vote to go ahead and remove the president if he's unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, Lindstrom says with only 13 days left in truck Terms. She doesn't think there's enough time for that, or for impeachment. What happened yesterday was really unprecedented. The storming of Congress and it could have long lasting consequences. Katie Briers Griselda is Latino, spoke within a issue history professor about that and joins us live. Yeah, but he learned that Professor Donald Critchlow specializes in American political history. He tells me yesterday's violence reflects perhaps terrible loss of confidence in our institutions, he says. That's problematic since democracy doesn't work if people don't have confidence, also Republican Party and taggers and that could lead to the rise of another party. Which he says could create further instability in our political system Reporting live on Griselda City. No, Katya our news. Be sure in two minutes seven tonight from ABC News special Chaos at the Capitol. Listen here 92 3 of them online on our news app or till you're smart Speaker to placate EA R. On the coronavirus front. Maricopa County is moving to phase one B for Corona virus vaccination starting Monday, and the Health Department director Dr Care, Crist admits that who goes in which phase could be a little confusing..

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