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Any danger? That clearly is not the case now deputy national security adviser Mira Ricard. Dell's leaving the White House for another assignment following a clash with the staff of the first lady, this is AP radio news. Several hundred migrants from Central America. Some arriving in buses are in the border city of Tijuana as US troops setup razor wire on the California side on the buses were people like Joshu Vargas from Honduras, but excellent. Says Mexico has been excellent we have no complaints about Mexico. The United States remains to be seen. A few dozen of the first migrants to arrive scale the steel border fence to celebrate chanting. Yes, we could one man dropped over the US side briefly as border agents watched from a distance he quickly ran back. Mexico is offered refuge asylum or work visas, but many of these people have their sights set on the US, I'm Ed Donahue, US health officials say there were a record number of tick borne diseases last year, including lime disease more than fifty nine thousand cases. It's a twenty two percent increase from the previous year better. Reporting might be a factor. Jackie quinn. AP radio news. Is Ron Don. Somebody somebody. Vodka. Alexa, play hits from Queen. Okay. Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download.

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