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They want a special accommodation setup. So I could broadcast with them having without them having to filter in my TB Laden X hail or Exxon bubble so to speak, our, our program director, David laborat-, see Luke about see Luca he would fund this no limits whatsoever. Dan? What do you think about this? Do you have a plan, yet for this bubble? Will it be circular bubble? Will it be square? What are we talking here? Unbeknownst to Dave and unbeknownst to most of our listeners WABC is a special station because we're known as what's called the primary entry point station or a PEP, which means that FEMA is involved in our transmitter site. Now I've spoken to are FEMA Representative and what they do. In national crises when you need a bubble or something. And I've done research watch Seinfeld episode with the bubble boy boy, in the plastic bubble with John Travolta know much much for your time. Well, that's okay. But, but anyway, I've spoken to our rep. And we're going to be we're looking at some options for that we can put into the room, the only that were coming into the floors that were sitting on right now are raised floors. So I need to penetrate into the bottom of the floor to make sure that we have every inch of the room, we need. We need serious penetration in the studio giving you their concern. Dave, Dave Herschel. Our head of engine, and Dan. I'm sorry. Then they concern is that if they're in proximity to me, every time they inhale, if they are inhaling my ex sauce. What? And. Saucers. How going to get Burke? And so we just need to know that I have a different air source to be able to breathe an ex than they do. And I think that may actually calm them down now with the plan B, do you to have a whole complete separate room or do you want to work on this room? We would prefer a separate Curtis castle, and it can just be that Curtis. You can make you a whole castle, and they wanted bulletproof. We'll have a moat moat bulletproof. Yes. But. Well. Yeah. Happy to defend it, too. It is possible. So now is this going to cost a lot of money we're going to try to make the government pay for as much of it as poss- ration- perfect? You think smart? That's attached. They love you. I don't think it would spend an extra nickel dime, penny to make sure that I can continue to broadcast without infecting. All of you think you'd be surprised. Don't you think so down, they'd probably more apt to spend the money on you rather than any kind of ramifications from the legal. Right. Once you kick the bucket them. We could probably use that transferred over somebody else, maybe even sell it or knowing, director, Luke Cabrera Chee. You're not sending a go fund me site. Put. There's a go fund me, but not a go fund youth. There's no fund in place. There's no public funding from a little wary about this. I mean, I have a feeling a lot of our listeners, probably send the money be more likely to send the money to the wall. Then the Curtis. Incubator so to speak. But you never know you never know. We will see. Herschel, crackerjack head of engineering engineer, Dan. The significance of today is hit me. Yeah. It was pretty. Was a hit. But it wasn't against you. Oh, is this the, the, the famous attempted? Five times, right? Capi.

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