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Last going to the home. The cops the the all thing except the being framed for murder because just earlier in the film dr craig's ex shows up with police but this time you found out that the girl who has anorexia who all my god. I mentioned her fucking trauma thing. Getting cured the dumbest one at all. It was just like. Oh wow i remember her. She was just like i'm eating doughnuts talking. I'm cured now. Yeah so then you find out. She was one. Assignments conjures students had a crush on her. And like was the alibi or whatever. And then you find out doctor and the doctor craze gets arrested yes at all. Oh wait something must have happened though because oh yeah they make a point at the movie and they say the lottery tickets that he bought when they went out. We're like all cash great but that couldn't have happened if none of a half happened so the movie doesn't make sense. How the largest you could be real margus holding wasn't real. We are about a lot about the the true ending because that's true. Ending renting ending is. Where's rebel you cut. The rebels narrates the film who opens the film narrating. And he's like a clean cut before we get there remember. The alamos like this hispanic man is a philanthropist. And he justifies hispanic benches shows up in the classroom. And he's like i'm rich. Here you go sign conjurer my son or whatever like you said. My son destroyed your car your money. Yeah no because you find out. Nothing was wrong with rebel. It clashes. This interpretation is back to what rebel roberto is like as a person and he's like some clean cut kid who volunteer at the puck in hospital with his mom and his dad. Who's fucking rich. Yes and then. He walks in on his mother. I think doing match. I think they're gods. And i think the mom is gone and that roberto is. He's also got because climbing conjure the. Nfl looks at the blank books in his room. Again and inside is a note. Saying star hypnosis. Let everything else follow. Signed a friend. And i think rebel planted himself there to get in the brains with magic the same magic that his mom knows and his mom's doing magic at the hospital to save people because she saved that shirley lady. Yeah and that's what happened. I don't think that's what happened. I think i'm gonna disagree with you but tell me what i think that what happened. Was simon consider. Hit like and the lady team joy used lady's kid and hypnotize him into being bad so that way he could be a catalyst for all these people meeting up. It doesn't make oh no. I don't think that happened. Because because conjure didn't know if he knew it wouldn't have been an announcement note. Signed a friend that was. That was the tell the audience. He didn't know who did it. So the mom hypnotize her son. No i don't think wh incidence was they would also be hypnotised. I think they're real. I think magic. Oh my god. That's two hypnotists. I think some so. I think someone is hypnotized incorrectly. That's right thing happened. I think someone was like oh. I think able ties his mom. His mom reenter said. The mom was one assignment students. That's not true because at the beginning of the moment when she showed up the summit didn't know her. Yeah yeah yeah. So why does she have this. Why do i like to any doesn't make sense. but they have the reveal. That rebel was not a rebel at all that he was just he teacher. They didn't know each other substate either. So much and is having their own conversation about what happened. No see i think at the end of the movie. Why here's the thing i understand. Why everyone including you thinks that. She's a hypnotist. But nothing in the movie indicated she was accept the fact that there was hypnotists. And we'll be okay a parcel together. You can't say that but the hallways 'cause you say to this guide and there's a lot in the movie to say that she's a god but there's nothing in the movie say he's a hit. Which is the thing that we are saying. That people are in the movie and the movie says that there are people are there is the one person is yes. Makes laissez ed's yes because the whole because the whole movie is talking about like theology and that's what the alexander library is and semi conjures the profit without a and but he's a prophet without a god. There is no guide. That's what that's what fucking the pseudo intellectual people fucking putting their movies and shit like it was gone. I think he is like maybe he thinks he is. Jesus but i don't know if necessary is religious. You know what i'm saying. I feel like he thinks. He's a god but i don't know if he thinks he thinks he's not religious but some touched by the angel shit see. I don't think so. Because i think simon conjure and i think the writer of this movie was too confident and conceded to think that anybody else could be got. You're not i mean. I don't think he would give anybody else. But if that was true he wouldn't. He would have made simon kanter yet. You would have made something conjurer the all of it right. But he's saying there is something above simon conjure. and what's above a hypnotist. I can control anything above simon conjurer. Got oh my god. I don't think there is. There's the lady who who rebel and the lady orchestrated everything. It wasn't counter. Was them right up the happen. I think so i i so. The end unclear obviously our conversation. The ending is unclear because rebel is shown to be a good kid and then simon contra has his mysterious. I forgot exactly what the note said was from a friend and it's just so strange. I don't know what the intention was. It turns out rebels a good kid. Why then have them be a bad kid from a plot standpoint. We didn't need that at all. We didn't get any of that. Just shown simon conjurer and had to be in the class with these people..

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