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You see the way. He's he's fatigued. Hook as fallen in there and what is he doing. Who's got the edge here. The guy coming in or the guy staying back to guy stay back not necessarily the guy beat aggressive that we take for granted because the guy stayed back pori had his feet set and he was able to catch him as he came in he was able to time on the way head with his feet. Set with the other guy was groping. The other guy was reaching at a red. Daddy read that body like which and he stood dating. Go at him and he let him he let hook do some of his work form. Walk into shots that he could time him as he walked in. Yeah and you get the sense here. That hooker definitely wants to fight on the ground. because he's so tired dustin getting the better of on the feet now well how those a little subtle move on the inside. Doesn't let go and let it go. I wonder if he's going to do it again. He's gonna suddenly let go. And then let the punches call. He does that. Well you know. Have you net grip and then you kinda let up a little thick and okay. We're going to have a little break here. And then as you let up out of that grip hit head toward a couple. Short shot satcher. This round is poor. Because i mean not just because we'll will witnessing you know obviously as far as strategically and what he's doing but he just looks a little more control themselves doesn't he. Then then hawker for sure. Yeah i mean it looks to me like hocus trying to buy time in trying to stay busy. That was a smart card hookers. Leaning forward doesn't true an uppercut in there. See i always the toilet guy. The hookers grappling off timed them on the way in. He didn't let him just get a free got him now now. He's looking for that. That that choke. I don't know that hooker is thrown a punch in the last two or three. What's keeping on. I guess hookers keeping his chin low enough. We can't quite get that on the need to on. The he's got is back to the cage so dust and really can't get leverage on. Yeah see now. He's got his own not quite but by just staying down there. He gave up the round. Wow wow he-here's he earned it. I was a hell of heared dad round one it. Yeah i mean and we're going to get the see both guys in action on the twenty-third. Wow i forgot how good that fight was also this lessons to be learned at all times one of the lessons for does centers to offer watching this one time to learn going into the rematch with mcgregor as don't do the things that hook it did that became available for you to take advantage of like reaching in. Yeah you know what. I mean like when reached in that was able to happen. You know where poor was able to time him and that's something that mcgregor does so well as he gets should reach in. And you know it's funny. Everyone to look at mcgregor says go get your guy because the results at the end of the day way scores knockouts in striking. But he's a counterpuncher and look at. Why was i was unbelievable that he was able to take those shots. I mean just a chin on these guys. I mean candies. Are ten ounce gloves on his hand. See these four ounce. I wonder sometimes. I wonder if and four out as the selection of the punches and soul point he was in close. What's he do. He selects An uppercut because he was leaning forward. Yeah see see the. There's a shorter guy out jab in the toilet guy and as the left hand because the taller guy is allowed him into his area and to an area he a taller guy. Theoretically shouldn't let you into. He knew he knew he. I mean you see right here you you could usually see who knows. Oh yeah and. I think that's what he was saying. There were five. The fifth round was to win it for me. I think that's for sure but that's to me. That's what he would have meant five in other words. It wasn't a four round fight. It was a five hour fight. And i took the fifth round. Great fight applauds to both first of all respect. Kudos just admiration to both guys. So both guys yeah. Tremendous looking forward to see him. Both guys in action. That was a lot of fun teddy. Thanks for doing this. And thanks for being with us guys. If you want to see some more fight breakdowns. Please send us a message. Is share the links. Let us know who else. You wanna see us breakdown or who you want to see teddy to breakdown. Thank steady. my pleasure of finished with this guy's if you want a certain picture up there just let. Ken nolan all right guys. Thanks for being with us..

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