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Obviously feels good. You know, like I said we're getting tonight. We're removing our fewer skating. So our goal tonight was to try and play a full sixty. I think for the most part we did a pretty good job. So your goal. It was hard actually see up here that the puck went in before point put in the rebound. But you saw the puck was loose the whole way and he kept jabbing away. Yeah. I mean, my pointed a good job there. We're both Bali in front. Good job of keeping his his scale and the post that we just have to try and get that over. And. Yeah, just saw squeak squeak through was there ever a sense of frustration with the way ward was playing me probably made like four or five breakaway saves in the second period before you score to make it two to one. But you guys kept out. Yeah. Give him credit. He played really. Well, like you said we got a lot of shots. So he's making big saves for them as well. As was Louis for us. So it was good to get a couple of by him in just play. Some good defense down the stretch. Boy, Anthony, joy this one and good luck. The rest of the road trip. Thank you very much. I that was Anthony Sorolla from the locker room. So seraglio is my number one star his goal gave the lightning the lead. Back for good. Tyler Johnson is my number two star through two periods. Had put six shots. Daddy and breakaway chance some other great opportunities. I'm not sure that Johnny actually finished with a point. I don't think he did. He was very dangerous in this game. And then I could have given the. Third started Cam ward because he was fantastic in this game finishing with forty nine save. But I'm actually get the third star Louis Demane who was brilliant earlier.

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