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Another nine percent of that this year, given the global growth in earnings outlook. I would say probably not I think it could keep markets elevated, but not say moving at the pace they have. And we do have to factor in those other implications out there that we need to see all this front writing and good news actually lead to a turn and economic data, which is consistently been disappointing over the course this year. You just have to look at the numbers from Taiwan career, even China itself that are all hitting south to say that if this good news is to reinforce and deliver something like nine percent outside that economic data needs to turn around to really show that this will have that impact. Yeah. And the global economic surprises around the world. Taiwan or career even China itself. Hitting south to say that. And that's that they're not prepared to really sacrificed growth in the face of these external pressures, and you're saying that through the. Quite a number of stimulus measures. They've already implemented throughout the latter. Half of two thousand eighteen and that you anticipate more to be announced. So I think they'll consistently keep that six six and a half percent growth target, you believe it or not, but that will considerably put that out to the market is what they want to achieve stimulus measures to back that up. I think some reassurance in a conviction. We have that that Chinese stimulus will be something that is delivered questions about the effectiveness effectiveness of it, given the high levels of debt and households incorporates at the moment, but we do think they will pursue that policy to try and creek that growth target around there without forsaking some of the delivering they have been doing. Carey there's been a lot of heated debate around the level of one off the back of these latest news developments. We put together a graphic to show where we're at with the Chinese you. The folks at NatWest said at the rally neon is nearing an end as a focus shifts to the health of the economy and away from the trade negotiations. What's your target on the you want? Let's have a target on the outside here. I think it definitely has moved away from thinking about that simple level. It was tasting. Just a few months back, and it will be a greater focus on the currency around the US, China trade relationship, a lot of the things about the industrial side started the economy to move to the background and we hear more about currency stability being implemented, or at least being part of their trade agreement. So I think that's driver where the currency goes in the near term. I don't think China wants to say it's strengthened too much. There's a massive exporting nation. And so I wouldn't expect to see a huge amount more appreciation in Chinese one from here. But it will again come back to that agreement or any signs an agreement between the US and China, and how currency is within that. All right Kerry. You're staying with us. We have a lot to get through Kerry, Craig. Is going to hang around still ahead. The president about Syria defies protests.

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