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The president's hits the road virtually at least the Brady Fox News says the administration opens mass vaccination sites around the country. President Biden taking an online tour of one of them at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. It's the kind of partnership between the federal and state governments that I think in the private sector help us vaccinate more people more quickly and to get ahead of this virus instead of behind it. The president says he's optimistic there will be enough vaccine to get shots to over 300 million Americans by the end of summer, But concern remains about new variants of covert and the ongoing effectiveness of vaccines. South Africa, suspending its use of AstraZeneca's version for now on Lee Fizer and Mader to have vaccines approved for use in the U. S So far, Ah, man charged after his granddaughter's cruise ship death will not serve prison time. Indiana Grandpa Salvatore Nello was cruising with his family aboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas in summer of 2019 when 18 month old granddaughter Chloe wagon fell from an open window. 11 stories high. Nello was seen on video holding the girl up to the open window. He has pleaded guilty to negligent homicide, saying it was all an accident that he didn't realize the window was open. And that he held her up to bang on the glass. Like she's so often dated her brother's hockey games. Anello will serve three years probation. Evan Brown Fox News A man accused of bragging about ties to Rudy Giuliani to recruit investors as part of a fraud scheme is sentenced to a year and a day in prison. David Korea pleaded guilty to making false statements to the Federal Election Commission and conspiring to commit wire fraud. He's a co defendant of Giuliani associate left Parness, who has pleaded not guilty to the front. Charges and other counts, including illegal campaign contributions. America is listening to Fox News. His radio K L B J I'm John Cooley. This news the service of the real Cedar Park. Overhead doors just under 402,000 doses of the Kobe vaccine will be shipped out by the state this week and for another week. Also, public health is getting 12,000 of them. Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marcus got says That's not enough to make a significant dent in the population of more than a million or hope is that at some stage we can transition to, you know, like we did for testing. Danda centers. You register, you get a smile and you and your booking. Also Councilman Greg Hussars, proposing that a special election beheld this spring, the Let voters decide whether a director of police oversight should be independently appointed in North Austin and Cedar Park. Terry Computers may have a very different drive time later this year as the central Texas Reform Ability Authority has tapped a builder from 1 83 North Mobility Project. Great Hills Contractors is now beginning contract negotiations, the add on to express lanes and a general purpose lane each way between Go back and 45 Okay. LBJ radar weather. Watch it. 72 degrees Will 57 get Austin News on demand it news radio K l b j com Live and local every afternoon to the four. This is Marc, Melinda and Ed on NewsRadio. K. L B J Call or text them in 51283605 90. Thanks for taking my call now. Marc, Melinda and Good afternoon 303. Thanks a lot for joining us. Aaron Man decided in.

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