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Do you know if you're ready to be a pet why are you asking this question exactly we'll look at been watching my friend Randi's dog Frankie a lot lately I mean like I have them for a week at a time couple weeks at a time he travels a lot he's a corgi lab mix he's an older dog he's an angel he does nothing except sleep on my couch and he's not a real great example of a dog his dogs are not all that will be a producer Kayla is also in the room because she's a dog parents so yeah he goes out when he supposed to there's never and he doesn't do anything wrong and I love having his company around because in my apartment I live by myself it's just me in the plant right now okay that's it and that's my only responsibility and that's why because you're you're lonely right now I'm not lonely I like having an additional responsibility you look you want the additional response yes that's a lot of additional responsibility well because of his in the weekends all I I literally at Friday at noon when I'm done at ABC seven I have nothing else I have to do exceptional for work Monday morning so your board at one eight it's nice to be on a Saturday afternoon be like I got to go home and check on the dog but you could be responsible for a plant give the plank is watered every three weeks but I see what you're saying you want a little bit more than a plan but less than human well that's a good way to put it that's a good way to put it I wouldn't consider because our hours are so different that you're a schedule with this dog is gonna be crazy different well and that has been the nice thing about when Frankie stated me I do have to take him out in the morning and it seems to work fine now I have not had him in the winter yet I've only had him in the summer of falling as like oh this is fine well here's why don't we do this kid I mean we've got a lot of folks listening who are pet parents maybe we can get their perspective what advice or what should kids think about before he pulls the trigger and becomes a dog dad give us a call at eight six six wash FM one eight six six nine two seven four three six one because I think kids want to hear from them they may help you which side of the fence you one side when I attended the main animal rescue twice already okay and left without a Pat so far so far change today yes the we'll get to your advice coming up in just minutes all right first though let's get you to where you're going this morning here's Lisa bass traffic have you heard the best thing is has been downloaded over one hundred million times and it's not slowing down this summer's hit game is a five star rated puzzle game that people can't stop talking about you can even play off line so.

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