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And Ryan Willie. So what's the speculation here for the next lions picks? I think their first pick was what a lot of people said, it was going to be a lot of the experts said it was probably gonna be TJ Hopkinson. And if you asked a lot of lives fans going in. There was no way they were expected to take tied in with the eighth overall pick. But they did do just that they do have to picks. Tonight's second third round, greedy Williams, certainly a player, they'll be eyeing. Maybe Florida's John Taylor. Washington's Byrom earthy who's considered a good fit for Detroit with head coach Matt Patricia defense, but the dragon away tonight as for Hopkinson, though, he was in town today checking out Allen park meeting the media for the first time it emitted. He had no clue he would get drafted by Detroit. But looking back there might have been some signs in his life. I was part of a little league baseball team. And we were the tiger. So I had the, you know, the old English d on the on the hat and a war that everywhere. And then, you know, I played a lot of NHL video games while I was really little with my cousins, and I was always the Red Wings. So his there's been there's been a few signs of point, you know, in this this city is this organization's I've heard nothing, but great things. So I'm like I said I'm excited to get started again, barring a trade the lines will pick twice tonight eleventh in the second round twenty fifth in the third Tigers continuing their nine game road. Swing. Tonight's a weekend series of the White Sox in Chicago data Norris on the mound. You can hear it on ninety seven on the ticket starting at eight ten team is also Jordan Zimmerman on the ten day interludes with a right elbow. UC? L sprain. Game won the Stanley Cup scoreboard tonight. Islanders playing to the canes avalanche visiting the sharks. Meantime, one game on the hardwood..

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