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I would agree with you. It has what you're saying makes a lot of sense because my wheels are turning a little bit. Because who are the champions in the WWe right now? Bronze Stroman and drew McIntyre I mean you talk about size. Both those guys have it, and then the two arguments that a lot of fans would say in what you're saying right now would be Siham punk and Daniel Bryan. And punk, even though at a time he was champion. He was never in the main event that was one of his big gripes right even at Wrestlemainia, even being a champion, he wasn't in the main event and Daniel Bryan. They had other plans for Daniel Bryan put the fans took over everything that was taking place, and they kind of in the last minute changed the plans for wrestlemainia thirty. Don't forget it was, Batista. That one the rumble their plans was all about Dave, petit STA and not about Daniel Bryan, and it quickly was changed because it was such a groundswell, so it took two things to really make a difference in the wwe. A in this world that we're living in right now in the wwe where it seems like once again size matters especially when it comes to Vince McMahon, I think Adam Cole could get lost on raw or smackdown with with Daniel Bryan. Massive tsunami of a fan base. Just saying this is the guy that we want and we're not. GonNa let you stop us from backing him punk. Has More Size Than Adam Cole right off the Bat. and. He's got an edginess to him. I just wanted to put it out there that I am a big Fan of Adam Cole's work. I think he's really great. But with a guy like that. I'm concerned when they get moved up to the main roster. Yeah, and I just don't want to see it. I Love Adam Cole I. I've said it I sat each and every week on social media I think he's the greatest annexed champion of all time, and really I don't WanNa. See Him move from annexed. t because especially like with what we got last night. The competition you WanNa see both shows at their. Their best annex t is a much better show with Adam. Cole Than They are without Adam, Cole and already they've got the ball rolling from what you watched in that main event once keithly won that championship is they showed carrying cross with scarlet. So you already know it's going in a certain direction, so I'm interested to see what happens to Adam Cole but I hope Adam Cole stays because it's not just about Adam. Cole bully. It's about undisputed. Undisputed era like Adam Cole was to move on to roar smackdown. Does that mean the entire undisputed era would move with him, or they would have a new leader I don't know, but no is that annexed is a much better show with him than without him two things when it comes to the undisputed Erin Adam Cole I could see the other three guys and undisputed are turning on Adam Cole and making Adam Cole a huge baby face, annex. Annex T I think that definitely could work secondly when we're talking about Adam Cole and the main roster. Let's take a look at who Adam coalface last night Keith Lee keithly. Now you're annexed champion and you North American Champion! We saw keithly at the royal rumble this year. Who did keep Lee heavy memorable moment with brock face to face with Brock lesnie right? Yep, you think brock would ever give that face to face moment with Adam Cole. Probably not definitely, not not probably it just ain't happening. So these are my concerns for him. I think there's still a lot of stuff, and plus if we ever got to Adam Cole versus at carrying, Cross, Adam Cole versus everybody in the industry. There's still a lot of good things for him to do within the next day, but it's funny. Now 'cause you're you. Look at your world. Champions in the WWe bronze. Stroman drew McIntyre and keithly. That's a lot size. When it comes to championship gold in the wwe right now Vince has always liked big men. You know that and the only time we see smaller guys with championships is Vince doesn't have that big guy that he feels that he can rely on. And guys like Stroman, and and and drew remind him of that old school. You know huge pro wrestler that he used to have in the eighties. But guys that can do a lot more than just go north South East West close on Body Slam. Especially, withdrew everyone. Nicole Auerbach and I want you inside. The coaches clubhouse the brand new podcast from Sirius Xm. That examines what drives coaches on and off the sidelines we talked to coaches from all different sports, and all walks of life about their passion for the profession, their mentors, philosophies and stories, and also what they care about. When they're outside spotlight, we'll give you you meet perspective on some of the greats in their. Their profession from Olympic coaches to super bowl, champions and everyone in between new episodes out Wednesday on Sirius Xm Pandora and Apple Podcasts, congratulations are in order for not only your North American champion. Put your annex t heavyweight champion. He is now at the top of the mountain in on an xt, and judging from our phone calls today. Bully the rest SORTA. Everyone is talking about the one and only keithly keithly congratulations buddy. Thank you so very very much greetings and salutations. How are you doing? We're doing great teeth. You must be feeling pretty good this morning being a double champion. Right off the bat, how does it feel for you? What's it like? Take us through your thought process being able to be. On top of the food chain in Annex Day. I would say that it's a little surreal asthma who really set in just yet It's cool it. Seems a little brighter, a little more vibrant. Colorful And not inasmuch players like expected to be but. Overall on feeling quite excellent. I may even get up and get a little workout after this and. I'll just. To see what's going on the future, and especially what is right now? And this future is bright. Mark Henry is wanted to host on this show as well. He talked a lot when you first entered annexed. About when you were going to get an opportunity, when were you gonNa be on TV more? And then you took the most of your opportunity to the point. Now that you're in that championship batch last night. You know talk about just the last year and what a ride! It's been for you with an X T. Oh. Yeah, talk a little bit about this yesterday so so. Smoothly I recurrent product me about since it's kind of interested to learn a little bit loose refreshes. It's it's an interesting to go from. I was basically just giving nice was sprinkled in appear in there. and. There's just one opportunity to shore up in the match that. Came, in the form or Versus Dodge who who's obviously another excellent competitor? And from there it just kind of exploded not only with the WWe universe itself Blah. maybe maybe some is opened and they decided to give me more opportunities and. My only thought processes that each time I an opportunity would rear its head. My job was just to smash especially as I can and I. It's all been trying to do each time one came. To my best to make the most of each one. Keys in the World W. WWe, we. We know that it's about moments. What kind of moments we can create? Sometimes? It's not about the match. which was a bigger moment for you? Being face to face with brock listener at the royal rumble in January, or being able to hold those two championship belts up last night..

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