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But he sold books. He had a business. He made money off of it. This was his living. Yeah. Until he apologizes. He's he and sincerely apologizes to the gay community and owns the damage that he did. And that's what I mean. And he should apologize. He owes. There's an entire community of people that he owes explanations to he's got some work that he has to do. Yeah. And he needs to do some and some of that work a lot of that work. The initial work will be internal because he's got a wrap his head around. What the fuck is going on. Right. And then he's got to go out there and advocate against what he was doing. Yeah. It's not just about. I was wrong. It's about you need to now. You know, some real legwork, right? Putting a stop to this shit. And then cool, then we're okay. Yeah. Then we can all be friends. But until then. Well, what have we tweet out? We're not friends the gay community Utah needs to make needs to get together. Unite and deprive this man of any blowjobs. That's right. The apology. No BJ's until you follow Giannis. That's what you get. It was something along those you don't get to be gay and have a happy sex life now until you've sorted yourself out. Now, absolutely no gay men of Utah. He's on he's on blast just note. Yeah. Stay away. Anyway, there you go Frankas pissed now will he's definitely damaged goods like this guy. He's gonna be a mess. Oh, yeah. You don't want to date this on. Oh, holy shit. Stay away. And or in any way, emotionally entangle yourself with them. Definitely not. He is going to be a disaster. Although if you see is new profile pic, he's he's definitely he works out. He does work out. Yeah. Daddy type. I guess. Yeah. He's got into little little bear to them. Yeah. Anyway, there you go. Listen if you have anything you'd like to chime in about if you are into daddy bears. Right, right. Into us.

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