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Impacts of the covert 19 pandemic. We're starting 2021 with lower gas prices that we saw last year, according to Triple A. The average cost nationally for a gallon of regular unleaded was to 25 as of Sunday. It's basically the same as a week ago and down just a bit from the 2 58 per gallon drivers were shelling out at this time in 2020. I'm Dean mutuel enjoy those lower gas prices while you can. Of course, gas prices were tied to oil prices. Those air surging right now, with prices on the two major indices up by more than a dollar a barrel. Go back and allies, including Russia, known as OPEC, Plus decided last month to raise output by 500,000 barrels a day, expecting a boost in demand. Stocks were in the red on Wall Street's first trading day of 2021 that Alice Down about 170 points. The NASDAQ Down 25 the S and P is down. 15 2020 could be a tough act to follow on Wall Street that I'll finish the Europe by 10%. The S and P was up 14%. The NASDAQ was up about 45%. What he thought he was a horrible year for movies, Maybe not the quality but certainly at the box office. Ticket sales fell by 80% is movie theaters either closed or had to reduce capacity. Most of the top grossing movies were released earlier in the year. The top money making movie a 2020 was bad Boys for life. It may $204 million, the only post pandemic release in the top 10. Was tenant over the weekend. Wonder woman. 1984 was the box office chapter and $5.5 million, mostly through online streaming. Having a baby is expensive, but if you time it right, it could be a little less so the Denver health foundations giving the first baby born in 2021 of Denver health 2000 and 21 diapers get that 2021. The foundation's newborns in need. Program provides swag bags, including things like Baby wipes, lotions and, yes, diapers, But usually not that many next money update coming up in a 42 power ordered Kono 8 14 Sports With BK Broncos season, Not in the way we wanted it with a losing record and a loss. Jibraan Marty. It's hard to find positives when you lose 32 31 of the rival Raiders at home in the last minute to close out a disappointing 5 11 season was marred by injury after injury and a bunch of covert disruptions but finding silver lining to a terrible years. Exactly what head coach Vic Fangio try to do is he talked to Dave Logan? Right here on K away following yesterday's losses of power field of my high? Well, we've had a lot of guys Get playing time that wouldn't have due to the amount of injuries we had. That, you know, continued today, I think that's the best thing. We've had a lot of guys that have gained valuable experience. That moving forward will help them grow and be better players. Those A couple of things that come to mind to lock had no turnovers for the first time all season completed 25 41 passes for 339 yards in two scores, including in 92 Yard slant route to rookie Jerry Judy, which was the longest play in the entire NFL from scrimmage this season. Defensively, the Broncos on Lee had four players who started every game this season. To inside linebackers leading tacklers Alexander Johnson and Josie Jule and the safety Scream. Jackson and pro bowler Justine Simons. Simons has now gone three straight seasons without missing a snap and had his fifth interception of the year yesterday. Two of the other three turnovers that the Broncos forced defensively came courtesy of rookie Michael Oh, Jim O'Dea, the quarterback forced two fumbles. This year. I give him four on the year and he's just the third rookie in the last 20 years. The NFL to do that. We definitely make emphasis to get the ball back to the offense and We do a lot of work with punching the ball of putting your head on the boss way work on that type of stuff. And you know, during the game, and during those moments you gotta just have to excuse so that 5 11 Mark means the Broncos. We picked ninth in the draft this spring. The Nuggets snap a two game losing streak and when their second game of the year 1 24 19 last night in Minnesota tomorrow, Mary had 36 the Joker 19 points 12 boards and it doesn't sister in his fourth triple double on the year. They now said it two and four, and I'll look for a second straight win at the Timberwolves.

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