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For many of us. Thanksgiving while delicious is a really deeply hypocritical. American holiday really deeply. I mean first of all. There's the hypocrisy of having to be nice to your obnoxious uncle bob. Who's wearing his make america. Great again You know kind of cursing out the players for taking a knee. And you know you've got to just sort of stuff your mouth with stuffing to keep from customers or you'll upset your great onto ninety five so you don't want to do that and then there is the even greater hypocrisy of of thanksgiving which is really that. It's based almost entirely on a fictional kind of idealized. Even you could save bonobo. Ask account of these. Pilgrim's gathering together with these native americans and sharing food. It's true that the native americans did bring food and teach the pilgrims how to To grow their own food for their first thanksgiving but the pilgrims slaughtered guests. Basically pretty pretty quickly after that thanksgiving and Though native americans killed a few pilgrims to i mean it's it's not even close. This was an american genocide of just horrified unappetizing proportions. it was. I mean it's just kind of difficult to process especially if you grew up like me you know hearing about thanksgiving as this kind of peaceful gathering. Yeah this is why some people call the fourth thursday of november. A day of atonement and they actually fast on thanksgiving which i think is a very noble idea. But i don't do that. I get stuff from both ends. Because i am an incorrigible ethical but incorrigible hedonist. Yet i do feel the need for some sort of atonement and so spanksgiving yes indeed. That's right and so we spank and get spanked in a very playful but kind of meaningful penance for our ancestors or you could just say the pilgrims maybe they weren't your direct ancestors came over on the mayflower but You know if you're american and you're not native american than they're pretty much your ancestors that came over here and and so we do the penance for their sins against the natives of this land. They called turtles. To- turtle island some of them called it turtle island we call it. America named after this guy amerigo vespucci. We think kind of strange but yeah it's penance. Does it do any good for the native american tribes. That still exists today. Well probably not really. Although any way to bring attention to the situation. I think is valuable. And if i just get some spanking fetishists to acknowledge this history than i think that's That's something so otherwise. Yeah it's gonna be a fun spanking show and Yeah we can't spank away. Our ongoing sins including the biggest leak ever and the dakota access pipeline of two hundred and ten thousand gallons of oil. that's too much lube seriously. it's it's pretty disgusting and it's not something that we can just spank away. We have to take other measures but maybe the spanking kind of can get our motor going. Get the resistance mojo in gear. Yes indeed even though we can't spank away. Our sins against the people america has bombed nor the foreign lands. America has invaded nor our own citizens killed unjustly under color of law nor even our own small sins against each other. We can't spank it away but we answer bank away. Certain things we can spank away our fear. That's right and sometimes a good adult spanking. Can al chemically transmute fear and pain into these golden endorphins when administered with love. and so. yeah. Don't spank your children. It lowers their. I q but do spank consenting adults. Who enjoy being spanked. And by the way there's another reason what what number we up to eight that we spank is those thankful. Spank full. pious super hypocritical. Puritans used to spank transgressors. Whether criminals or just sexual pellet peccadilloes were their problems than they would spank him. Nonconsensual really sometimes.

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