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Her because we sent a letter natural didn't reply so then because this woman had a phone number she rang her up and then she reported the phone call back to me and she said it extrordinary marks fate she didn't certainly doesn't want to meet you ship it's did manage to keep her on the phone she said and eventually she said i would like to ask three questions bright she said the first question was what did you do i said what he's comedian the second question was does he have any children of his son and daughter she's and then she also third question i have two years i've been in this role of reconnecting earth wild strange mims of family like las pieces for jigsaw wherever she said all those years wants to remember anybody ever ask such questions that which she then posed she said what are is politics we it isn't it that is an extraordinary thing to think so and then she said before i put the phone down let me tell you who the fathers i saw the fall because i'd never identity any behing talk never even occurred to me to even ask you the fall was just some random fringe blow nine sixty with your name forms would you like to accompany the bus shelter the father on a four on his second of four page deco and she said this nine joe tweak and we looked up joked waken fairly quickly it became apparent that this man my actual father was amongst other things nineteen seventysix world backgammon champion invested his money that you'd made of becoming the world got back up and champion which was millions into wall street and he became one of the wall street traders worth more millions than you could can and is best might that circle in which he moved i've been not just drink with the circle in which he moved was a group of people at the claremont club in bulk lee square and the claim club was the establishment club where the richest people in the world the arab millionaires wherever the russian were before the russian only goats those sorts of people would come and they were played backgammon and these closest confidants that went round the world with was these people older.

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