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You hear this out of Minnesota Saint Paul throwing the route last, Wednesday and they drove across. Overpass saw guy about the jump their names are Jason Gable and Kwami Anderson and where they saw the guy they. Already climbed over this big fence all this guy had to, do was let go and fall but Jason shot the truck Kwami ran over just started talking to the guy and kept talking to. Him for almost an hour Check this says you remembered some hostage negotiation tactics he saw the Denzel Washington movie inside man that's awesome And that's how he was able. To establish a report with the guy and kept him, from jumping the guy is still. Wouldn't come down and so finally Kwami says. A man Do. You wanna have, a beer with me I said yeah So Kwami ran back to the beer truck grabbed, a twelve pack. Of course light and that's when the guy finally climbed back. Over the, fence A man wow Denzel Washington movie and the banquet beer would have saved somebody's. Life Wait a, second the, banquet beers cores course lights still the banquet beer I mean I'm. Not saying I'm just asking. The question dedicated. To accuracy on the show I'll look that up here Or is that the. Bank would have light beers Let me see Born on. The Rockies here All right. Whatever your mountain climb on we've got seven staffers right. Now that are on it hopefully we'll have it is on the line now celebrating the. Best and brightest duping fan we bring you the worst and the Davis Mula.

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