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The Appalachians F. W. icy plains joins me Jonathan hood under the hood on the ESPN one thousand and ESPN Chicago out so I'm gonna pull the curtain back for you a little bit during yes star weekend because also we can you can just imagine the pageantry of all star weekend Chicago yes it is the end of the entire basketball communities here not just MBA college is everybody's here because it's such an event at the United center and it's all over the city all over the Chicago land area there is there are conventions and there were there players and former players talking to the youth of that release in basketball so it was great it was a weekend I'll never forget but I I was going to tell you like at the bars and restaurants you think that the number one story would be Hey what's going on with the bulls the story at the bars and restaurants during all star weekend was the memories of high school college basketball in the city and around the Chicago land area it kind of gives you an idea of that even though this is the home of the polls and it was played the United center all the stores like Hey you member you know mark required member Tim Hardaway Hey what about Isaiah Thomas you're supposed to go to Paul but he ends up going to Indiana that all these stories so could the the rich tradition of basketball high school in college still resonates in twenty twenty the old stories still hold up today even conversations around all star weekend is pretty special absolutely and then you can find that everywhere throughout the state yeah you've been with us cultural itself through a what two thousand and like three in two thousand for you that you see that people are out there well the seventies you know we had Kerry Novak who went to Notre Dame and death yep that's everywhere everywhere and that's the beauty of Bob of the state because number one it's it's created its own tradition because of because of the amount of success that the players have had throughout the the state how many good ones and think about that that member the tournament with I got a I think it was it fourteen at Napoleon McCallum and right and grants it's one Randall L. and then I they played miles it was like I remember thinking that that was like they were just rock stars those guys in that that state turn because it was unbelievable I was really really good so I have those memories and that's just that like everybody that went to the state tournament and has been allowed to see the all Chicago public league the city turned out but it would just got you got the one one team that advanced them the mother lives in Saudi Cox's team and then Westing house it was it was it was it that was powerful so I can only imagine people that have been in the city for forty and fifty years the members they have goals of watching those guys coach one of I saw come across the wire that will obviously is going to be an assistant coach for you it's also about to coach me usually what he can bring to your your staff I'll bet we will do what it's Rick just to trick a cultured man great father husband died he just a really really genuinely good person that has ironically Jonathan it says will and I have all these connections I was at sterling high school coaching in two thousand and I think was two thousand two thousand one season and will be easily was starting forward for the Freeport pretzels and we deal I was told that from but that it was a freshman on varsity and I remember have grabbed the stuff just enormously Bob is a freshman and then you watch watch will go play out of Butler and then we end up at stab stab together Illinois state and he is just he is a a coach that has grown because he wants the girl was really hungry to be really good and he's great with people he has great relationships with up with players and he loves he loves skill development that it really choice recruiting like he's just a a a great all around coach and he wants to grow is going to be really really good one in the profession and you know he has a passion for horizon league basketball I'm playing at Butler I'll be out of it now but played there and it's so much a winning experience and he goes to North Dakota state goes to back to back NCW tournaments with Dave Richman is a great coach up there who he's learned under sell it any knows Illinois and loves basketball played a U. in the state too so he just he's got that that fiber and and a passion for basketball and passion for helping young people that was just a no brainer like cake this this guy's got to be on staff and he's going to be good for the university and good for our players and good for our staff and the work hard every day coach thank you so much and we'll talk again soon you got it I have a have a great one job that I look forward to that was a popcorn together courts that coach your coach with this here under the hood with Jonathan hood right here on ESPN one thousand and the brand new ESPN Chicago out good to hear from him he sounds excited about the upcoming college basketball season whenever we have it right well I wanna thank you for listening they're being pro program here on ESPN one thousand thanks to you our thanks to the hard socks Stacey king Kodiak which were being with this show produced by Tyler American inside the glass we'll have another full show tomorrow between seven and ten listen we know what's going on right now with the with Colbert nineteen and the stay at home but yet there's been put out across this country around the world just keep in mind you and I were alone together we'll get through this together students again tomorrow at seven PM right here on ESPN one thousand shop at home yes.

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