Premier Li China, EU, President Trump discussed on BTV Simulcast


Word headlines, Debra. Menez? There are finally signs of agreement between the US and China we've been told that the two sides are working on multiple Emo us that would form the basis of a trade deal these cover areas, including agriculture, non-tariff, barriers services technology, transfer and intellectual property is expected to take longer to reach final agreement on bigger structural issues. China's chief negotiator lil- her Mamie, President Trump on Friday. Noel, President Trump has again threatened to impose tariffs on autos imported from the EU if talks fail to produce. A new trade deal is negotiations are continuing and that the EU team is tough to make a deal with the president is weighing a Commerce Department report on whether auto imports pose a threat to US national security. He has ninety days to decide whether to act on its findings which haven't been made public. Theresa May as facing a new threat to her story with some of her own ministers considering voting against her Brexit strategy and challenging her to sack them. Sources say up to fifteen ministers are involved part of a cross party efforts to prevent the UK crashing out of Europe without a deal. Meanwhile, three Tori MP's resigned from the party yesterday to join an independent group set up by former labor politicians, so with Brexit, and the UK has been put on a formal downgrade warning by Fitch Ratings as pointing to increase risk that the country could tumble out of the EU without an agreement in place. The surprise move that came outside of its normal ratings calendar placed the double a great on rating watch negative and said that a no deal outcome or a new relationship with the EU that undermines the economy. They result in a downgrade. Chinese Premier Li China's warning of the threat posed by short term lending, saying banks should offer longer laws to support. The economy Lee, reaffirmed that China's current monetary policy won't change adding that the government won't flood the system with excessive illiquidity the PBS cut the amount of cash. Banks must hold by one hundred basis points last month to encourage more lending..

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