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And then you know, there are other times especially early in the game where it wasn't working very well in the Bengals kind of abandoned things in the third quarter on the ground, which you know was not good. Obviously, Mark Walton was was ineffective. Definition of irony. You talk about how the Bengals should have scored more than twenty one points in the game in the Marvin Lewis era. If I'm if I remember correctly based on, I think some something that our good friend James routine throughout their the Bengals had never scored more than twenty points against the Steelers in the Marvin Lewis era, they scored twenty one to go up in less than a minute half and they still lose. It's not the nineties anymore. Teams just averagely. Oh, hi, twenty points gave you can't win games like this. And I think I think your point about mixing his is really evident in that first drive of the of the second half in and there's a lot number one Eriksson gets a fifty yard fifty one yard kickoff return, which is awesome. Sets the Bengals very well. The bangles are then in a third one, third and two, I believe they don't get it and they're in Steelers territory, bad weather, did it? I it where you say, hey, where at home, you know we put, but. I just I feel like the crossing routes in out routes, devoid. The short ones were dull day. I think he got AJ green up. There mixing can do a number of different things. And I think that if you can't get a yard and a half two yards on your home turf, maybe you don't deserve to win, but that that is a spot. I think that is a spot that many fans questioned. Why Marvin Lewis did not go for it. And I think also the big thing the the Bengals had big, big, big momentum going in and out of halftime. Because of that last last second touchdown, stay score right before the half. So your thoughts in your analysis of that drive in and other situations in the game where you may be thought, Marvin, grow, pair. Let's let's let's do this and you know, kind of imposed a will even if it leads to feel goal or two field goals, you get some points. You're in a different situation at the end of the game it captured in. I'm glad you brought probably should've mentioned with I point. But yeah, that's another gigantic reason why they lost because they accepted defeat in the I can't. I can't beat around the Bush with that point if you punt from within your own fifty, our line three times during the game, and one of those sitting only twenty yards gave a feeble on the defensive. Dr anyways, that's accepting the feet you're playing not to lose at home. I don't. I don't understand I, it's, it's, it's been tally. It's it. It's mental. It's mental shrink, nece a word. I'm solely flabbergasted because it's just a constant issue under Marvin Lewis. Just it's not going to get better until it does, and he's shown no signs of ever doing anything better in. It's always against the Steelers. It's always this shrinking in big moments in just not, you know, the ant, the anti thesis of Sean McVeigh basically who two weeks ago. Was playing at at central stadium in Seattle yet a fourth one situation as as the forty anyone for any got it in the in the end up winning the game. Because after the game he says, we don't fear failure. I can't say the same thing about Marvin Lewis. Definitely. When he plays the Steelers team that he just can't be with sixty five thousand fans supporting him right there. I don't. I'll never understand it, but I will always expected to this because it's just it's just not going to change until it does while drawn. You're, you're the king of the segue. We're gonna. We're gonna get to another question about this Steelers game in and this hold unquote rivalry in just a second. This is the orange black insider Bengals podcast. He's John cheering on the Zaza and we're breaking down the Bengals heartbreaking loss twenty twenty one against the Steelers hard-fought game, but Bengals still manage to come up short for a variety of different reasons. We're gonna open up the phone lines just a few minutes here and the text line. If you wanna get in touch with us nine four, nine, five, four..

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