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Thing you know the thing. I can't even tell what it is. That biden appointed to be the head of the air force that she would be or it would be the joint chief of the joint chiefs that represents the air force. Oh but it's a wonderful is greatest moment in air force injury. It's a woman who the lesbian and she's also minority. She got freckles. I guess it'd be a minority minority. What the tragedy of all this is people are going to die. Lots of people are going to die as a result of this. It's not a joke to have angry. Ugly women dykes elevated. Because they pretend like they're men elevated to positions mentioned hold especially in the armed forces. That's not funny. And the men that the actual men your sons and nephews that they get to command are gonna die as a result. There's a reason women don't wage. You know what's funny. I'll tell you. I give you something you could. Funny the veggie connect with this if you can stomach the lane. Watch the news. Zack snyder. You'd had to get. Hbo mac away for to come out on rental or whatever justice league. There's a scene in there and it takes about takes about. I don't know ten twelve minutes or so where the amazonian women have to guard. This thing called the box. There have been guardians of it for thousands of years. And if you watch carefully the fight scenes choreographed as they are sixty girl trend resent their men in spartan uniforms fighting the bad guy alien. And there's a couple of places where i guess in the editing room. They just couldn't fix it were they. Let the the catfight. Basically let these women again dressed up as spartans in a catfight and they left the action scene in. And it's funny because you look and go like okay. Yeah you guys aren't going to protect that box dude. They never had a prayer. The box was going to be claimed by the alien dude and alien just kinda yuck yuck yuck then went by. This is what an all angry ugly. Pms sink of women looks like they actually filmed it for the justice. And actually see if you want to see what it looks like rent that movie. Watch that scene and watch the cat fighting which is just just. Watch the inroads. Because you can't teach look we're all woken stuff now show you got h. and r. Woken stuff right now. Being applied to all this and young girls taking steroids. They shouldn't be taking so maybe some of them develop some saying maybe and some masculine tendencies. But they're still girls they're still women. There's a biological difference and there's a lot of hormones again wangle. Yeah yeah you can't build a bicep like that now.

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