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You want to apply and certainly the only conversation today and everything you're going to see on television is going to be related to the DC circus and that's what I'm going to call it because I don't know what else you could possibly call at this point with what they're going to be trying to be doing and what not now that gauge congressman vantage water district number one but on television a lot lately not to be all done here he was with the more real Bartel roll ball why did you stores rose how was the message you were trying to communicate well it appears we were successful in communicating the message that this was an unfair politically motivated process we saw just last week polling from eight PM ABC news reflecting that half the country or more saw this as politically motivated and unfair to president trump and so now in the coming weeks we'll have open testimony and I think that it's important for the American people to know that you've got a group of people whose names you don't know whose faces you haven't seen core part of the permanent government in Washington whether Republicans or Democrats are elected they believe it's their way or the highway president trump is very different he pushes back on permanent Washington and now you have people in the bowels of the bureaucracy of government who thinks that the president serves at their pleasure instead of them serving at the president's pleasure while there may be some truth in that I'm not going to dispute what he said because I believe there is some truth to that but you know that goes right along with Campbell Heris and something that she had to say and this is ridiculous the stuff we keep hearing now I know people that have to work a couple of jobs of errors maybe because of their salary maybe because the foster large family and does this ball stays at home or what not that may be part of it but giap here's the deal listen to camel Heris tell white teachers teachers work two three jobs very special calling it's an incredible gift working two and three jobs because on those salaries they can't pay the bills ninety four percent of the teachers in our public schools come out of pocket to help pay for school supplies eleven our teachers make eleven percent less than similarly educated eleven percent futures make less well electoral firefighter tell actual police officer tell it to somebody in the military and while you're at a camera hello to the members of Congress hard to seventy five thousand dollars a year you guys declare a crime poverty A. I. X. right away said that you need to have a pay raise she's never seen so much money in our life as witches get right now I mean this is ridiculous these people they think they they just keep saying things to deter thrown out there to see what's going to stick and they think that you're going to buy everything they tell because you're not smart enough to go and check it out that's what they think teachers do very well not all of them the world gesture to don't but the average school teacher does very well of the salaries have have gone up over the years the benefits you certainly gone up they have something just call the tax sheltered annuity that in addition to their retirement plans they can put money in there I which is tax free and remains there for as long as they want whenever they retire they not only have a pension but to have a tax sheltered annuity to boot sometimes a tax sheltered annuity is worth more then the pension is subject to going to get and that's why they do it it's a it's a it is just exactly what it sounds like a tax sheltered annuity now we talked about guns but we haven't talked about him in a while let me tell you about Bernie Sanders and let me tell you about the mandatory by back plans out there and listened listen for sure second to what he has to say this is about twenty seconds long hi my name is grace and my issue my question revolves around gun violence gun violence is an incredibly complex large epidemic in our country and I am undecided right now but I am choosing to support a candidate who prioritizes at and I wanted to ask what your plan is to combat this epidemic but also I specifically wanted to see if made for you by back up for air the teens in a forty sevens is something that you would consider well I but let me tell you what my plan is now and I don't support a mandatory by by consistently confiscation which I think is unconstitutional it means I'm going to walk into your house and take something what do you like it or not I don't like that of a stance of the constitutional of scrutiny wow listen to Bernie all right let's go to the phone lines I think we got our professor emeritus here in the Tampa area of a mystery out is that you end yeah three quick comments with I know your line up against the clock that's right one there's no such thing as gun violence guns are an inanimate object your shoulder piece of machinery their human agency that operates that John for ill or forget it and there's no such thing as John while water guards doing all the sudden the trunk on the light that god created life in full of John and were not created by what's called performance the whole premise of the arguments we get too much work for getting braces trailers and basic logic pro okay I number two I can show you right now how unfair the media is because when the Republicans marks on that scale a couple weeks back yeah yep Democrats last year sat down in the house of representatives overnight and what products in sleeping bags and everything over some stupid stock and they were heroes remember that yeah yeah senator there on the floor of the house yeah they were heroes they were fighters for justice they were looking out for the little people they were social progress of the American area in contrast the Republicans storm this yeah biased right there yeah.

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