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Thank you for listening to the program this morning joined now by United States senator John Thune from the great state of South Dakota he is the GOP whip number two in the house in the Senate Republican caucus good morning senator thrown out everyone on the family side everyone healthy we are indeed thank you Hugh and hopefully yours as well yeah indeed and and I I I begin by asking you about the pandemic this to to think that I'm looking at show that of all the tens of thousands of death in America only fifteen hundred I know that's a large number but only fifteen hundred of the tens of thousands have been for people forty five and younger does our re opening plan after start taking account of this demographic reality senator I think it does I think that that's you know that need to be a factor and I think the phased approach that the white house's proposed in that many states are implementing and adopting will include those types of considerations I think that vulnerable people with pre existing conditions elderly nursing homes people in that age category just have to be more careful and I think that a lot of the as the opening occurs and it starts to ramp up I think that says something that does need to be a part and factor because as you point out that's where the the greatest risk is now yesterday or two days ago speaker Pelosi put out a silly absurd bill I called cash for cannabis because there's a provision in there that takes care of marijuana dispensaries it's just not as serious bill when are we going to get to what fed chairman Powell said is a very necessary phase four senators sent well I think we will soon enough you and again you could you please this is really true that the even the media has described the house approach is just a grab bag of democratic priorities messaging bail and destined to go nowhere in the Senate back even meeting resistance from some Democrats that's that's the way it's been characterized by the press but good clearly nobody is taking it seriously and it does include a whole bunch of just you know sort of over the top features of like you know the fact that it mentions cannabis more times than I mentioned jobs and there's a provision in there a Democrat priority repeal the SALT cap which is a huge tax cut for millionaires and actually fifty fifty six percent death benefit goes the top one percent of the people in this country in terms of income so there is a lot of really crazy stuff in there if it's not a Democrat wish list I don't know what he is what we're working on here in the Senate obviously you're trying to respond to the real health emergency an economic crisis needs of the American people and determining based on what work we've done so far what those needs are and we will react and respond in a timely way hopefully in a bipartisan way to address the ongoing economic hardship is being felt by businesses across this country workers across this country families across this country but not go down this crazy path chosen by the house Democrats which again is just nothing more nothing less and nothing else than a messaging exercised the old saying is true the hedgehog knows one thing the box does many things well done foxes are in the middle of the road I think that's what the house bill as it's in the middle of the road but they had charges the Republican caucus in the one thing Larry Kudlow on the show earlier this week leader McConnell I expect you will say the same thing that is the must tab is liability protection for all Americans from any allegation that they're responsible for the virus and I it without that the country will not recover it's got to be a blanket I think almost a non suit provision for anyone who wants to claim a tort injury in state or federal a law against anybody for the virus even I'm not even inclined now to allow reckless disregard claims because they will bankrupt people well it we do need a a federal shield and that is a priority for us these lawsuits represent a very real and present threat to any kind of economic recovery and Senate Republicans are going to stand firm and pursue liability protections for health care workers businesses others on the front line of the response and and the re opening phase and the Democrats that you force always paint this is this is just protecting big corporations not it's not true I mean this is doctors and hospitals people making extraordinary efforts to protect patients and healthcare workers but are you know living in fear of being sued if the patient were somehow exposed to the disease in the process of receiving care so you've got not profit you got hospital you got businesses you go right down the list cools you know there's just that we can't be going down this path of frivolous lawsuits driving up the cost of re opening our economy and and potentially prolonging a recession or driving is worsened due to pressure this is a we're in the middle of a pandemic what we don't need is an epidemic of of you know frivolous lawsuits to make it that much harder for us to recover there are there are two sectors that I repeatedly returned to sender then one is higher education colleges and universities are on the brink of their tuition dependent semiannual infusion of cash that they don't get it they collapse and the second a restaurant they both of those sectors absolutely need liability protection I mean absolute shield they need the Avengers to surround them otherwise their their margins aren't there SO a student becomes sick on campus ensues the private campus for the State University under some exceptions sovereign immunity they're done for in the restaurant which is barely going to reopen anyway with margins that are probably set back five years they can't afford even the threat of a I can't afford to respond to the lawyer's letter right I mean and the idea of having to hire lawyers to respond and and just the enormous just dealing with everything that comes with a lawsuit like that plus not to mention me in many cases probably as people are not going to be a customer this this adds that hangs IT in businesses where the margins are very sad I mean restaurants operate on thin margins are going to continue to have their restaurants for sometime well into the future probably half full the hopefully facing up to more to better than that but in the meantime they're going to be scraping to get by and they they one thing they can't deal with and colleges are good examples well I mean our state South Dakota I talked all our college presidents they're expecting a significant reduction next fall enrollment a significant increase in costs associated with having to hire more faculty for smaller classroom sizes all those sorts of things are are going to be make it really really tough for folks operating within margins to get by this would complicate exacerbate and make it that much harder for them to survive now a senator want to veer off into a couple of conversations with you I thank and then come back to the face for but I have to ask you about judge Sullivan's just outrageous decision to invite briefing on someone's that when the prosecution wants to dismiss the case he's leaving it open he's appointed a retired judge to come in it's it's extraordinary it is an assault on civil liberties the likes of which I haven't seen in a federal court in my thirty three years of practice can the Senate Judiciary Committee hold an emergency hearing on this because it is outrageous it is it is a gross miscarriage of justice and I'm hoping and I haven't talked to senator Graham who's you know chairs the Judiciary Committee but it certainly seems to be the substance of a of a hearing had to get out what this judge is done and if you are you know I mean you cannot now say that the previous administration wasn't doing everything they possibly could to screw it up for an incoming administration to the point of taking actions that are are you a boy our our illegal and and I think frankly need to be there seems to be fully investigated figure out how high up it goes in in the administration we were saying we're seeing some of that evidence coming out now I think they'll be more that will come out but this was a full scale appears to be conspiracy to undermine and try and and take down an incoming administration a new president M. one sided with judge Solomon the other is the unmasking and and a reporter asked the president to regard the other day what is Obama gate and he said everybody knows and he walked away I describe it this way it is the intentional interference with the peaceful seamless cooperative transition of power which is the glory of their American Republic and that clearly one on between the time of the surprise win of Donald Trump and his swearing in at least thirty nine requests for unmasking unprecedented now we got a lot of dirt being kicked out unmasking happen all the time I'll bet you there were very few unmasking of senior incoming Obama officials in between the election of president Obama lacked in his inauguration by George W. bush administration officials senator Thurmond I'm not afraid of that data set comparison at all I'm not either and I you know I can't imagine that the bush administration would go to these lengths even though they disagree profoundly with at that time the incoming president Obama and his agenda and but we've always allowed for and I think as you described it in and Wall Street journal editorial page describe it that you know peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of American democracy and you know that's the Indian clearly this was an attempt to try and undermine cripple the trump administration is they they came on the scene and that's why it's it is unprecedented I don't think we certainly wish for the end of it and this needs to be something that is carefully reviewed and investigated and let's find out how far up it goes so there's a lot of poison in the system so I come back to phase four we need I even admit that the state's need for example some backstop on unemployment claim money that they just don't have and that's related to the collapse of that sales tax revenue that a late payment on property taxes people fleeing the state's not staying at a hotel they have legitimate needs unrelated their pension fiasco that center with all the boys in the system is there anyone for you and senator McConnell the sit down with actually negotiate at three point seven five the emergency stop the liability shield and some state aid is there anybody over there that you can work with well he does I hate to tell you because you know you all want you everybody wanted wanted to hope and think the bast and anything that passes the Senate obviously has to be a courses you know bipartisan but it's really hard to get reasonable people to sit down because they're still held hostage to the house agenda I mean Schumer is looking over shoulder pelo see pulls you looking over her shoulder at A. O. C. and and Anna Sanders folks and it's just they're just being pulled so hard to the left that it's hard to find anything you know any any Democrat now that you would characterize as moderate or reasonable to negotiate with so my guess is what happens at least I hope what happens is that the White House works with Senate Republicans to put together an agenda that makes sense that addresses the economic and health emergency needs of the American people and that we can bring Democrats into negotiating to find some some common ground but it gets really hard when you go to that house because right now they're all running for reelection and their base of their party activists and donors everybody is you know part of that socialist wing of the Democratic Party is going to make it very very hard for us I think to get some of these things dont but we're driving we can't because we're here to respond to what the American people need and were focused we want to do it in a bipartisan way we hope there are Democrats were willing and and Democrats who can be reasonable about what needs to be done and get away from this sort of left wing agenda that is right now captivated all house Democrats last question senator you know in a in California's twenty fifth which had been won by the Democrats by seven point Mike Garcia crushed it the Republican won by a dozen points maybe more doesn't that send a message to that the Democrats that their but a loser a blue wave they they took the mask off in America does not want left wing AOC policies you would think so I hope that I hope that's the way it's received by the Democrats that is a very historic election out there of course we I had a a strong candidate but you know you think about flipping a blue seat for the first time in over twenty years it's a I did definitely I think should sound alarm there should be they should be hearing something on the Democrat side about the fact that the American people even in a state like California want policies that don't represent a far left agenda that moves us closer and closer to a you know western European style socialist and anti democracy our great service that always a pleasure thank you for joining me senator really enjoyed I appreciate the time time for me to remind you really factor dot com Tom tells going up after the break but I do take this opportunity to tell you first go get that angel tree banner if you hear a dot com and help those kids get some relief this summer then to get relief for yourself with relief factor dot com nineteen ninety five get that first bag on.

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