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Are you an introduction. It's genuine. I'm pretty impressed in fact, I've been researching you and watching you and you seem like one of the busiest human beings I've ever heard of got. So have you been handling the pandemic? Have you had sort of like putting your projects aside? Has it been driving you crazy to be at home assuming that's what you've done. No I started a ice cream company during the pandemic. Year ago I-, trademark my cream, my word I created which allows. We know and it was supposed to be late twenty, twenty, one business. But during the pandemic like people need ice cream are you ever tempted just to say I've done enough in this world and put on your pants and lie around for the rest of it Oh my God Hell No. I just I I happened on the fat pants during quarantine or most deaf you can. Running an ice cream company is a good step in that direction. I WANNA get to smiling which as you say is a term you invented I'm I'm delighted you've trademarked it it's smiling with your eyes how did you come up with this in the first place I came up with it because there's a way that when you look at a photo and you feel nothing actually because the person is not my thing. So. It's like their eyes are dead and they're not giving you anything. So for me I turned that into mailing with your eyes and I, teach models and even my family and friends about. Is that it's too much when we tell somebody to smile for the camera, we say, cheese I need to make this one syllable. So I stayed up all night y'all one night. All night and I was writing my paper lives, s. m. e. y. e.. S. S., S. E. Myong is. Finally. I put estim- is e e and I was like that's it and then I ran and trademark big before I said it anywhere in the world so I love this not only did you come up with the idea you stayed up all night like a mad scientist in his lab running back and forth adjusting the machinery until you got the right word they. Okay, if we and we'll talk about like everyday people, not models want smile with their eyes and let people know that there's something going on what sort of things should they be thinking? There's many different ways. There's a sultry sensuous fear Mayes, and you need to be thinking about something that you love like pizza. Then there's this mayes of the light in an pleasure and the sweetness. So there's like different ones and you have to think of different things to create a different. Activated Different Muscle in your face other than realize those all the I thought was one size fits all I didn't realize. Types. Newport's my. There's that you better recognize. My thing, but you know what? Guess who will not put my in the dictionary? No Tomi. Miriam Webster Oh we keep calling the Miriam. Webster people what we call them the email then show them the cover, the Wall Street Journal we keep show everything all this stuff, and they're just like Oh. You know we've been here. For a couple of years and I'm like, you know what? Now you just Depending on the editors of the Merriam Webster Dictionary, you might be better off sending them the cover of that sports illustrated swimsuit issue. I. Do wonder I mean as someone who was struck by that photograph. appeared some years ago I. Wonder what you were thinking at that point I was thinking what the hell is this a target for doing these polaroid's back in the day David Show you test shot with a polaroid. We always look crazy it's raining outside. It's overcast. Have dark circles under my eyes is new APP photographer does not know what the hell he's doing these pictures going to be awful and then the pixel came out and they were amazing I don't know what? They were a hot man. So that's your look of confused disatisfaction. That's the look, and then I was on it again last year for the first time in the history of the sports illustrated having a website not sports illustrated some addition websites, sports illustrated website. Crash. You crash the sports illustrated website. That's great. So one last question if I can you are, of course, as we have been discussing a supermodel and we read that the person you find most attractive in this world is Larry David from curb your enthusiasm and first of all as a fellow ball Jewish man thank you. But second. What is it about Larry David? It is something his humor and it's something about is walk in his facial expression is piss. Is just does it for me? Larry if you're listening you're welcome. TYRA banks, it is an absolute joy to talk to you. But we have in fact, invited you here to play a game. We're calling catwalk. Make dog walk. You've spent years among many other things teaching aspiring models to strut their stuff on the catwalk. But what do you know we wondered about walking dogs? So we can ask you three questions about dog walkers professional, and otherwise if you get to write you winner prize for one of our listeners, the voice of anyone they might choose in their voicemail. Bill who was tyra banks playing for John Peck of New York New York. All right. Here's your first question Tyra Dog Walker in the UK once had police called on him after he was caught doing what? A sitting the butts of humans while his dog did it to their dog be playing fetch with his dog with a hand grenade or see asking people for money to help pay for his quote son's hair removal surgery. Oh, it's definitely sniffing moody. The dog is sniffing the dog he bends down sniffs person people got upset and called the police. Knows actually playing fetch with a hand grenade. They found it in a washed up a cache of ammunition. From world, War Two not a problem. You've tumor chances. All right. According to the wall, Street Journal Dog, walking in Manhattan so competitive that what sometimes happens a premium dog walkers advertise the ability to speak up to twenty different breeds of quote Bark Talk. Be The occasional give us one dog to walk. We'll give you back to special promotions. Or see rival dog walkers will watch to see if you don't pick up droppings and then leave a little sign with your name by the poop if you don't. Go I'M GONNA say see three they are so competitive they rat you out that is exactly right. Both impressed a little worried that you immediately knew that was the right answer. All right. You have one more chance. If you do this, you're America's next top quiz answer I have no. In Two thousand sixteen a Los, Angeles man had considered starting dog walking business but didn't want to deal with the poop. So he pivoted to doing what instead a becoming a dog food Somalia who provide samples and recommend wines for your dog be a dog impersonation service. He'll.

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