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Oh i couldn't because netflix prohibited me you have to outsmart netflix and then my think says like oh you know like this the circle button and then it just fucked shucks where they trying to get you to watch that fucking robert redford jams you like old people doing things what are you fucking think is going to happen of course they're going to recommend that you're watching the bucket list that's why i spent the three dollars rented on amazon might have been stayed in ask shit got us a rich boy richard boy nobody in the credits it doesn't i rent movies off amazon no it doesn't say anything about any location it just says like thanks to the city of los angeles court a fucking green screen vaclav lots of jib jab artists working on this to not just the photo working tirelessly on the this is some of the fucking flat out worst listen we have i wish we could have a green screen factory like it's like it's a burgh everyone's just just putting fucking green to the mat or pop up green screen factor the green london bring bring jobs back to america it's like that border line purposeful look like almost twin peaks know it's fucking hi i'm in delaware sent that out in our text chain last night like this wayne's world green screen it's the first one is is the skydiving thing there in a plane and like i have to admit i so sad that i was tricked by oded they really sky dive and of course they did skeletons attack matab skydivers by the end of it you know what i think part of it is because it looks it actually looks this bad and i suspect it's a little bit of both we've got some green screening but we also have real skydiving footage with their faces computer.

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