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The day the mistake Megan Rapinoe is making the US women's soccer team is being honored today in New York City with a parade as you may know all the Americans won the World Cup for the second consecutive year this should be an occasion where all Americans come together in admiration for the skills of the team but Megan Rapinoe all the captain has almost single handedly destroyed that by injecting her politics into the World Cup Mr Dino apparently has a problem with president trump and perhaps your country in general so she refuses to sing the national anthem or placed her hand over her heart then even before her team had won the Cup she told the world quote I'm not going to the F. thing White House on quote that was crude and inappropriate not for the descent if the woman doesn't want the honor of a White House visit she's entitled to pass that is her right but her wrong is injecting politics into a forum designed to showcase athletic achievement her political activism is totally out of context this review knows also allocating millions of Americans and putting a damper on the joy of victory she is doing this selfishly marketing herself in liberal anti trump circles as a political hero perhaps your teammates would like some time off from her politics maybe they like a day of celebration the entire country could enjoy they can't say that because the committed left press would attack them but the feeling is most likely there but Megan Rapinoe will not give her teammates a break because she wants to go on CNN to bash trump and insult the sixty three million people who voted for him she not have waited a few days before auditioning to become a left wing commentator just a few days Megan then you could have dashed away but Rubio understand she can become famous fast by using the World Cup to promote herself and her political point of view that's ego centric to say the least Colin Kaepernick did the same thing he is the National Football League to promote his anti American anti cop agenda cabinet could have waited until the offseason to make his points but now he wanted the TV cameras on the field did right at him Megan Rapinoe is most likely very happy today the press is line Ising her commercial endorsements await and she is the center of attention on a day when the entire women's team should be the center of attention but America today is not the country it used to be eight selfishness and narcissism is now celebrated in many places not scorned to some Americans Mister Pino is virtuous and courageous despite the fact that she has polarized the country and brought unnecessary controversy to a tremendous victory for her team the situation is not about equal pay there's no question the women's soccer team should be paid even more than the men's team because economics dictate that no this is about using.

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