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This is roughly the equivalent of starting up a jet engine. This was at the height of the storm, the rain and wind as captured from inside a car. Again, Panama City after devastating, Florida's panhandle, hurricane, Michael continues its rampage through parts of Georgia tonight though as a much lesser storm. Bill Karen's remains with us with the very latest Bill Ryan, just watching that video. It's starting to confirm a a lot of the thoughts, a couple of the storm chasers that I know well, that actually travel the globe. They go to the Philippines Japan. They go river. There's big storms. They drove from Panama City to Mexico beach, and they said, it's some of the worst wind damage they've ever seen and the fact that they're saying they had ever seen. I mean, they have been in all the biggest storms in the last thirty years. On the globe. So I don't think we've seen come close to seeing the worst damage and destruction with the video that we have. Now, it's a sampling, but I think it's gonna get worse. One person was saying half the structures that he saw in Panama City. We're extremely damaged. So this is the image I froze. This is what everything was really starting to get real. This is when the worst of the damage was one pm this afternoon. This is Panama City on the backside of the eye. And then this is Mexico beach who was in that front right quadrant of it. This is where the worst storm surge was with the wind. This is where it was mostly just a win problem in the Panama City area on the back side and the result of all of this. When we brought this on shore, it was still intensify hundred, fifty, five, mph winds. This is the preliminary report. We'll get the official report and a couple of months when they get in there and they analyze all the damage and they see how the metal was bent or all the little examples of the strength of the winds. But this puts it fourth all time adding on Andrew and Camille in the Labor Day storm. Yeah, stronger than Charlie stronger than Katrina. As far as the max winds, then lowest pressure ever measured this was in the keys. Obviously Camille is pretty much our country's worst storm ever in then Michael is now third on the list head of Andrew with a lower pressure. If it had only had maybe another three or four hours over water, we definitely would have seen going up to a cat five. It was still getting stronger, and now we have to watch out overnight is yes, we have a little bit of wind damage problems that we're going to get with trees falling in central Georgia. We have a new additional tornado watch that's issued almost for all of South Carolina isolated tornadoes at worse. As we go throughout the overnight. You notice the winds right now are not that bad fifty-six Eastman's probably the worst of it. Maybe some isolated damage to the trees. They're most likely just trees that have already gone down. So Brian, we, besides the records, I just showed you one of the, everyone's been saying it's the strongest ever to hate the northern panhandle of Florida. I think the fact that this is the strongest storm we've ever had ever recorded in the month of October. Is a pretty impressive record and not just did we barely break it. The previous strongest was one hundred and thirty mile per hour winds. This was one fifty. Five. I've seen pictures of the middle school in Panama City. The gym has no walls left. You could see the basketball court. We're gonna you'll. We'll see a lot more. Unfortunately when the sun comes up and we'll see pictures like this and what damage was left behind and as you saw, we are going to see rose in fields and forests of down trees probably for about two or three hundred miles from where it made landfall because the I stage compact for at least six hours for about one hundred fifteen miles after landfall. It's still remained category two or three. Yeah, join you in our thoughts going to Mexico beach tonight for what will be exposed with sunup tomorrow. Bill Cairns. Thank you for all of your hours of coverage on this network. Coming up a rare glimpse of the people who's quiet work in the store. Zone helped to save lives.

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