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To make payments on their radio sets because a lot of families were buying these things on credit. They would end up. Paying for the radio say their families that would get rid of other luxuries, but they would keep that radio because it was such an important element of home life. They were not ready to dip in and buy a whole new piece of electronic equipment. They didn't have the money for it. They didn't have the interest in it. They would rather just stick with the thing. They already had. So the economics just weren't there for RCA. So the company ultimately abandoned, the thirty three and a third format when Columbia records was ready to debut its technology more than a decade later executives reached out to RCA to see if the company would want to license the technology and build its own thirty three and a third turntables, but David Sarnoff who you'll remember from the last episode was the very strong willed guy who was in charge of RCA refused. He did not like the idea of conforming to someone else's standards. Particularly since RCA had tried to do it earlier. Instead he would push RCA to market its own disk format which would play back. Forty five revolutions per minute. And thus another format war began the speed wars. RCA would sell seven inch disks that would play back at forty five rpm and Columbia focused on twelve inch discs at thirty three and a third rpm. This took place in the late nineteen forties and by nineteen fifty after seeing several artists leave RCA to join Colombia, the company finally gave up and began to create its own thirty three and a third rpm long playing records, the forty five rpm disc would become the favourite format for singles and juke boxes. So it wasn't a total loss RCA still made money off of its format. It just did not become the standard. I have a lot more to say about our RCA, and it's innovations, but first, let's take a quick break to thank our sponsor. Guys. Let me talk to you a little bit about turbo tax live. I don't know about you. But for me, nothing really cranks up my in Zion, easy, like tax time. I'm always worried I'm going to do it incorrectly..

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