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Relationship. Brian didn't know them in advance. Brian Reilly stopped out in front and talked to justice who was mowing his yard. One of our homicide victims. And that's when he said. Hey, God said. That I need to talk to Amber. Because she's going to commit suicide. This is all fiction. All made up by him. Understand? And I underscore when we make those references. There was no victims of sex crime in that house. He was a coward. An absolute coward. He looks like a man. But he's not a man on the sheriff said the 11 year old girl, who was shot multiple times survived the attack by playing dead. She's undergone four surgeries. Riley served as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was working as a security guard in the Lakeland area, including at a church now after that job is girlfriend of four years told investigators Riley began talking about communicating with God. But Not about violence. The former Wisconsin lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, launched her campaign for governor Thursday by likening herself to former president Trump and deriding Democratic incumbent Tony Evers as weak. Clean Fish is trying to become the first female governor in Wisconsin's history, and the race is a top priority for Republicans to they control the Legislature, but they've been blocked by Evers. He's vetoed Republican bills to make absentee voting more difficult to restrict access to abortions and Prohibited enforcement of any futural future federal gun laws that he may shut down our schools. He may shut down our economy. He may shut down our churches. But today we begin to shut down Tony Evers Neighbors campaign, Countering that Evers has taken bold action to clean up the mass that fish left behind. During the walker years. The NFL kickoff.

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