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Founded in twenty eight with a family of over hundred twenty passionate individuals before founding inventive francois was helping large banks and insurance companies manage change toward more agile processes prior to that he participated in software architecture of the enterprise library framework and unity container for the patterns and practices team at microsoft jerem level has been programming since nineteen ninety eight mainly involved in dot net and c sharp development as teacher trainer consultant in france and is currently a software architect and inventive building mobile apps in montreal canada he's been working for the past few years i'm building the platform to improve the development cycle of cross platform apps using windows i o s android and web assembly using mmono ends zaman welcome guys welcome francois locum jerome and just so we can identify your voices i think francois was the first one who spoke there yes i was okay and jerem you guys we got hooked up build and somebody said you gotta you gotta go talk to the dot in iraq skies and you said yeah just come on over and talk to us and once once you told us what this was all about our head exploded and we had to have you on the show what is no that's good question so we know we look at it as a utility bradshaw you'll does universal windows platform bridge start at i wes android and actually web assembly now as a technology preview so we're we're really look at it as a utility everywhere a recipe where you build it once would have promise they'll run everywhere now so this is a an an experience that's very similar to cameron forms in other words you have a template that you download and then when you build a new ono app you get the multiple projects at just like you do with his amarin forms app a uw p project an irs project and android project the difference is right in the in the stack that you use for example you're actually you guys actually rewrote the zamel stack of uw p for all three of these platforms is that right it is and we approached up we took a diff.

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