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Retirement. Their complete retirement plans again. We'll give you some time to call in and set that up. So Ryan survey after survey that I've seen people think retirement planning is just so complicated. What you're saying here is that it is very simple. People just want to know. Do they have enough? To retire and that it's going to last them as long as they live. I think that's the first thing that people are looking for whenever they sit down with any financial advisors, validation that they have done enough that they have saved enough so that they'll be able to retire and won't run out of money. That's the first thing they look for. And often times I get to say yes. Congratulations. You've saved enough. You've done an excellent job You've created this nice big Mastic. But my question that is now what now what? What are you going to do? How do you take that money? That million dollars that $800,000 and $500,000 whatever. You've saved your whole life for how do you take that money? What is going to be your plan to turn that money? Into an income stream, and that's why I said, We need to know how much you want to spend on a monthly basis because then that's where Mike and myself and our team year that's where we start building out your financial plants where we start building out. Your financial future because it's not. I want to spend $5000 a month every single month from 65 until I die at 95. That number can change because retirement spending changes in retirement, so we start to build in. Inflationary measures. We start to built in the periods of which we know you're going to be spending more money because those first few years of retirement that's when you want to go out and do those bucket list things you want to travel and current Covid situations limiting you. But at some point in the future, I want to travel. I want to go to Italy. I want to go to Greece. I want to go to Asia. I want to go to Australia. I want to go to Hawaii. Whatever you want to do. That's going to happen in the first few years, so that's spending number is going to increase in those first few years, and then it'll fall back down. But what we do is we start to put together that income stream and the most important thing about the income stream is making sure that no matter what happens in the stock market You have the income that you need on a monthly basis because you don't want a 2000 to 2000 and three to affect your retirement. You don't want to 2000 and 7 2000 and eight to affect your retirement and you don't want a 2020 pull back to give you a heart attack. When you're planning over target the end of the year. It all starts by having that plan, creating a plan that gives you the income streams. That you and your spouse cannot live and for the next five collars that have saved at least $500,000 or more for retirement. I want to extend a special invitation for you to come in and sit down with Mike. Myself personally. Give us a call. 866597 10, 48 66597 10 40. We will help put together Your very own custom income plan for retirement. 866597 10 48 66597 10 40 That, by the way is complementary. No obligation to you now will give you some time to call in. And isn't it funny? We look back now. When we were younger, we were worried about saving all this money to retire now. We did a great job. But now really the complicated thing is, how do we make that pay us and last us the rest of our life. That seems to be the most challenging part. But great news is as that Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert..

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