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To sustaining a brand products. Now that we have cop a lot about luggage. Now let's talk about a little cheesy but what goes into luggage clothing. And that's the part where you have amazing experience in india. Anybody who is not only from india but travels to india now also in us in some of the lead cities fab india's become clearly known as that defined brand where people pay near nearly us. Whatever the normal high dollar venue for quality clothing. And that's for having us achieved so for a unique brand defined by hispanic voters niche product and also heritage and as retail outlets. What was the secret to coin the growing the brand both nationally and then taking it outside. Us outside left me. i be honest here at fab. India Was not a difficult task. fabulous urgent from your experience in india has been a very unique brand in and subsequently abroad It tells the story of india is about the right amount of heritage. It's got the right story. And his the right mission. And it's a company with the focus is to take those traffic from the artisans of india and Take it out to the consumers over there and victims celebrate india uniquely su Aspire as the message is sunday was nothing to be done. Just the question of taking the message out there and using some kind of an amplifier and amplifying it won't number of people can hear it. So how do you do that. And i i of course was we increase. The number of stores drastically be increased. The size of the stores so that the endangered shopping could become much more experienced show for the consumer Be started working much more under merchandise as much planning and the entire process editing and creating the consumer is very and very The fine and at the same time making the shopping experience easy and v started expanding or suit through a fleet For business partners which we all the franchisees so the moment we started bringing all this new got the coverage increased almost three four times since one person hearing the wonderful story of families here we started getting five or six people in the same story and experiencing.

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