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Okay just be positive. Something that these that he's also a really interesting about that particular experience not as that. The person saying that if it's you with, it's May find saying to you it'll be okay just be positive. I. Am projecting my discomfort or if your discomfort riot so I am I am feeling your discomfit. And I can't hold space for that because your discomfort is making me uncomfortable. And I don't know how to hold you not because I don't know how to hold myself in that. Right. If I can't hold, I can't hold myself in my own discomfit I cannot hold you in Yours Ryan. So I'm going to tell you to be positive because I don't know what else to do. Does that make sense I heard that makes sense completely sidetrack? Perhaps, this is more useful because if this is common, you know we say as we say, these things to people so here. You are with someone who's going through something perhaps you know I mentioned before about doing a podcast about supporting being a source of support for other people. This way we can do that. And it's not by telling them to be positive as about holding space for them and helping them to feel safe in your presence so that they can feel they feel. Right as a courage as someone here. Quite, literally rose up and people have their feelings and their emotions if I can't hold them in that discomfort. That means what does that mean? You're trusting me to hold you in that discomfit. So I, I have to be able to hold you in your discomfort by being a product of someone who can hold themselves in their in discomfit right? So. If this, if this is something that you say or if it's something that you're interested in. transmuting into something else. So transcending into something else instead of telling someone to be positive and that will be okay. Take a deep breath with them. Look them in the I. Put your hand on your heart and say I know? I know it's hard and it really really sucks right now. I am here. I'm with you. I say. It just doesn't seem like enough does it. It just doesn't seem like enough when someone is really struggling in the going through something for you to sit there and not do anything at all but tell them that you're there for them and that. You support them in that in just going to sit with them and not say anything it just doesn't feel like enough does it. It just doesn't feel like you're doing them. Any favors bright but you're also not doing them any favors by telling them that it's GonNa be okay and distinct positive. Right. So this is very much. He can say how many different angles and doorways bridges in junction points all of this so many different ducts dots to connect about positivity. Thing and it's important that we are able to discern the difference between using it as a way to bypass. Or. Project. And using it as a way to find the good in the world. Are there is a very, very big difference and you know what? You'll probably unconsciously do barth and that's okay. At least now, you've got a little bit of context and you've got a little bit of an understanding of how to. How to how it works? You know what that framework looks like how to work with it. Say That's my pay simplicity and I know for me. For me, it was always so much easier to be positive. because it just meant that I didn't really have to deal with whatever that discomfort was. That was underneath the positivity in honestly. It all comes back to me not having unearthed mates. It's all about me not having that emotional intimacy that. With my emotions, the ability to just feel them without making the mean anything more than they are mass why I'm so fucking passionate about it because. It's not simple. It's SAR. It's so simple. However, we live in a world where we taught very very differently in our in our this focuses all about those unconventional. Unconventional ways to appreciate things and We find some inspiration some some support in some ways to begin to to play with this and and let it be playful. Let's not be so serious about this that we freeze and can't move and do anything at all Open your mind open your heart stay in your heart stay open to it all if. If. You Fuck it all out like great lack. Amazing. That's just as powerful. You know. If you get it. Right celebrate the win at slack. Did you notice like I just I didn't use positivist sarcasm. Then I just learned what I was feeling unexpressed freely in. Wow. That's really fucking empowering. That's one way we reclaim so much power riot. It feels good to talk about positivity in this lot I would love to a little bit about your experience with positively I'd love to Nari how you're using positively or how you've used positively before you listen to this podcast I'd love to know if this was helpful if it was insightful if it clears him things out for you if it connected some dots if you've listened to any of my other episodes. I always talk about self awareness as being the key. Sar It's so important for all of this, and maybe if you've been listening to some of those episodes, you're starting to now connect look to different dots and that's exciting to me and I'd love to know how that's going for you you guys know that you can always connect with me or run instagram at the dot holistic dot p. t. the podcast is now being turned into a blog on my website. So there is a comment section. And you're most welcome to drop into that space at any time and if you subscribe to my email, there's a lot that I'm sharing this a lot. I have a lot of plans with my email list I feel like I know almost everyone my email is that's probably contradictory to what you may know about businesses and emails that actually know almost every single person personally on my email list. So when I go to Ron to those people Men At so exhilarating, I I speak truth and for my heart, and it feels really good in share things that I. I'm not always I don't always feel safe to share. Here on this platform so Join and subscribe to my email is if you want more of me more depth for me, teachings, more insight, more tools, just more realism and more permission to do the same for yourself yet. So beautiful. and has always thank you so much for your time. Your attention, your energy I feel like this. Sorry many ways that I could approach this topic positively and Who knows maybe in the future we'll do another the pocus episode and I'll just like wipe the floor with old the new things that I'm leading and that's why it's so much fun to have a pocus because it's it's like It's like a reflection of old ways and I'm evolving and changing and learning, and so I'm sure many of you feel this way because I feel I know I feel this way. Every single episode I do is just like better than the loss slack I'm finding my voice more and and feeling more. Compelled to share from my heart and in more in my truth I'm writing less and less North's I'm sharing my voice, my gifts from my heart like for my cells it's from my creations just it's so fucking amazing and sorry. Just in case you need to hear this today. you can do that for yourself as well like you can. You absolutely can, and if you keep listening to this podcast, our remind you time and time and time again of just how fucking epic and poweful and unique and wonderful you are. I love you all and I heard you have an amazing.

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