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The international energy agency just released its annual world energy outlook this morning according to the report the us is on its way to becoming the world's quote undisputed global oil and gas leader and quote that's right in line with the aims of the trump administration at the un climate talks in germany the white house officials are focused on fossil fuels and nuclear power marketplace's andy euler has more america's delegation of the climate talks is all about efficient coal natural gas and nuclear as a response to climate change john hofmeister is ceo of citizens for affordable energy which promotes natural gas to put him quickly irresponsible who think that we could replace energy density of nuclear and fossil energy with wind and solar he says renewables alone won't get as close to emissions targets rob jackson the global carbon project at stanford forecast that worldwide fossil fuel emissions will reach a record in 2017 he says reversing that trend isn't cheap with you try clean coal when anything else who pays for that utilities and their customers don't want to foot the bill nuclear cuts emissions but building a new plant is really expensive so until there some sort of national policy incentivizing does industries i don't be either nuclear or clean coal taking a bite out of our energy needs he says to diversify the energy mix in whatever direction the us has to start investing now i mean euler for marketplace.

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