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And so we hung out backstage forever and ever. And he was kind of like, you don't seem like a normal New York actress, and I told him I'd had a babysitting business basically in West Virginia. And yeah. And he said. Will we could use these sitter? And he was writing all kinds of things I know because I went through his apartment and read at all and not really, but his wife took an Italian class once a week. And so I was their babysitter. And my roommate who I actually spoke with today, she still know my best friend have you discussed this on his show. I have his kids are they're amazing. That daughter is at Yale. And she's they sent me a picture of her, and she's so grown up in big. But they only had her at the time. You know, when you just have one kid, and so yeah, do just had they just had her. She was beautiful. You start doing these little bits in LA, and you start being onscreen under that feel like maybe this world going to that just feel like you just going wherever anyone would employees kind of going where the wind would blow, but I kept undiscerning for these for Broadway plays, and I would get down to the wire. And there was one it was me and one other girl, and she was in on TV and she beat me. And so I felt like the neck. Time. I get a chance to elect to go to LA. Maybe I'll just go. And that will lead me back to see where I can get one of these jobs going on screen as a means to an end, adding on Broadway and it worked. Oh, yeah. Sure. Yeah. It's a war to you to LA, then some pilot. Did you like it did you? I mean, I was titillated by it. It all fell into place, and there was a manager here who was kind of courting me, and he was a juke that guy, but I moved and then I didn't realize oh my gosh. My relationships were with the casting directors, and I've just left all of them. I see an all of these casting directors have the young people that they're in love with. So it was a very that was a very tricky time. But I was so I had nobody was telling me what to do. I had no real push from an, you know, nobody was helping me know how to addition what to do how to look how to nothing. Went to every audition with wet hair. No makeup right on book. I no clue. I just had no clue. Yeah. I'm what are your family making of Oles by whom well much you sharing with them about your journey into a lot. But the fact that I had even been on one thing ever was such a huge deal that it was kind of like it couldn't get bigger. Okay. So they were delighted we were all just like, this is hilarious. That it was such a lark. Yeah. I mean, what about you? Well, yes, I suppose the idea that you could get a job a toll was remarkable. So that was enough to keep you going for a while. But I think my parents were always expecting me to or hoping that I would just go and get appropriate job. And and 'cause then they would be less to worry about were they worried when you 'cause you kind of went more straight for it. You said that you declared this is what I'm gonna do a went to drama school, and you went shape for it. But did right after drums to school? Did you go to the West End right away? No I worked his Golan for while. So Morten sort of we Jin away with something more that my parents could identify with because they were that they knew that they'd may be seen other people in an, but I yeah, I worked in Scottish reps, I suppose, oh from Sylvia fabulous. Yeah. I just was delighted to be working 'cause I rate because you spend too long with when you decide you want to be an actor people telling you. Without you can't do that. Nobody really works. And everyone's you you sort of die in poverty..

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