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Allegedly. We have a live guest at eight o'clock Vegas, eleven o'clock. It makes a lot of money. Then at eight forty Vegas time eleven forty east. Stephen Espinoza our good friend the president of showtimes, virtual join us. And then it. What time is it here? Nine nine twenty. Correct. Nine hundred twelve twenty. It's on both. It's so it's an hour at midnight east say, all right. So Tim Smith. You remember him from the daily news, the great boxing writer who is now the head of PR rally, Eamon and PBC. So he's huge Tim Smith joins us. Also tonight on the show for Connor mcdavid. Edification? We have Adrian the problem Brunner. We have Adrian barometer on the show tonight. And he's fighting, Manny pacman pack. Yeah. Tomorrow night at the garden arena. We'll have him on the show also late night. Chris Lytle lights out Lytle. UFC fighter or me UFC fighter. Chris lytle? Join us to talk about he is now gone underground. And he's fighting in the streets of London like a good hooligan. He's now in the bare knuckle fighting championship, Mexico or down south of the border hiding in Cancun, one of my favorite places to go. And your odds of being shanked or murdered as an American tourist up to seventy five percent now on your holiday vacation. Everyone have a pleasant stay. Things haven't been going well down in Cancun. So I'm sure they exempted the bare knuckle tournament Galon down there. Yeah. But I mean, if you're gonna try to stab one of those guys did that you might get punched in the face a few times. So they might be. Okay. So Chris Lytle and David Feldman who is the president of the bare knuckle fighting league will join us. I have no idea. What's happening to me? I'm doing bare knuckle fighting segments now on the show, I have seen it all. And as I mentioned, allegedly a very wealthy powerful. Man. Will join us later allegedly. We'll see if he shows up and blew us off yesterday. So God only knows I liked it guide. Oh, I I've always gotten along with him. Surprise guest. Hopefully, he'll show. I wanted to say call the show talk about the title games. And I mean, we got it all going tonight. I'm gonna take calls. I mean, if you think I'm kidding, Anthony, and Charlotte, you're on CBS sports radio. Hey, what's going on? Scotty. Hey,.

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