Mike Pompeo, North Korean Russia Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Jared Halpern Fox discussed on Memphis Morning News


The Ad Council Secretary of state, Pompeo, got, a lot of questions the senate's over President Trump's recent summits with the leaders of North Korean Russia Senate Foreign Relations committee, chairman Republican Bob corker accused the White House of a ready fire aim fashion. To foreign policy. Saying from where he sits at appears the White House's waking up every, morning and, making it up, as they. Go secretary of state Mike Pompeo told the committee. Even after high profile summits with Russian President, Vladimir Putin North Korean leader Kim Jong nothing has changed in US policy until. North Korea eliminate its weapons of mass destruction are sanctions and those that the United stations. Will remain. United Nations will remain in effect Pompeo also says the US will not recognize the Kremlin's annexation of Crimea on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox. News today is deadline day for the Trump administration to reunite as many. As twenty five hundred children with families separated at the border when parents would charge with coming here illegally On Wall Street stock futures mixed before today's trading. Up for the Dow down for the NASDAQ Now sports give Chris Davis an a. Plus any does center-field coachie back at three run home run, gone Oakland within one of Texas then with two out in the ninth inning Right field No Babies You jared Davison, to home runs the A's hung on for, a six five win on, Fox. Sports California their fifth straight Oakland remains a game and a half back of Seattle in the AL wild, card race the, Mariners beat the San. Francisco Giants Cleveland shutout Pittsburgh ending the pirates eleven game. Win streak the LA angels, beat Chicago and in, that game Albert pools hit is.

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