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A cellular configurations as well one hundred thirty dollars more on each one of those base level prices so uh a bunch of new ipad pro offerings um in those are available today for ordering and they're going to be shipping next week now to go along with the new ipads and with the new i o s eleven they do how some iowa soliven ipads specific features including a new doc that has a little predictive area on the right so it's going to have your little continuity things just like your mac doc does and the dock now kind of floats up there a little bit so it's not just kind of attached to the bottom of the screen and you can actually drag icons now into the dock so it to me it seems to work a lot more like the mac os stock and then you can pull apps out of the dock and actually put them into the slide over mode and then when you swipe down on them if they're in slide over mode their snap into split the mode so there's a lot of new swipe gestures for controlling your windows and your docks and not only that they're adding a new spaces like feature to the app switzer so now you can actually set up various at pairings in actually save those as spaces and then move seamlessly between them so for example something i really like to have an split view is my are assess reader.

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