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You get your news W. B C news radio. 68 degrees right now in Boston. Beautiful, sunny skies A couple of clouds at four o'clock this portion of the news brought to us by Window world of Boston. Good afternoon. I'm Nicole Davis. Here's what's happening. The former superintendent of the Holyoke soldiers home and his medical director now facing criminal charges after dozens of veterans and their care died of Copan 19 criminal case, there's a victim in this case there were ultimately 76 attorney general Mara Healey says A grand jury is indicting former Holyoke soldiers home had been at Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton on 10 counts each of criminal neglect. They were the ultimate decision makers. They were ultimately responsible for the deadly decision to consolidate these two units. General Haley says she believes these are the first prosecutions in the country to come from a covert 19 outbreak in a nursing home. Karen Regal W. B Z, Boston's news radio. Now we've received a statement from the Holy Oak Soldiers Home Coalition. They filed this on behalf of family members of the coalition, they say in that statement, Quote. We now want our state to move forward and do the right thing to ensure this never happens again to any other veteran, a statement goes on to say our veterans and senior citizens deserves the greatest respect. And should always receive care with the greatest honor and dignity as is the mission of our state for the soldiers home Alright for a one in Washington today at the U. S. Capitol tributes for an American icon, the body of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg laden states. Dissenters hope That they're writing, not for today. At four tomorrow. This rabbi Lauren Holt's blood speaking at the ceremony today, honoring the life of the esteemed justice, dignitaries filing.

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