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You didn't know what they were going to do. You didn't know what havoc or chaos they were gonna cause but they decided to come in and at first they were unsigned quote unquote to individual racers. That you knew from up north quote unquote who actually were already signed. They became a regular part of wcw nitro. And we're still called the outsiders but they were creating quite a stir and they were creating quite a stir with the top level card when you had the stings. He had their macho man randy savage lex luger and all led to a situation where it was the three on two. Because you didn't know what was going on at that point in time one hundred percent but it was three onto at bash at the beach. Twenty sixteen situation. Where was lex luger. Macho man savage and sting against the outsiders hall nash with a mystery partner for the mystery partner. Wasn't there so what would happen. It kinda seemed obvious when you look back on now who was going to be that third partner. I remember that time. A lot of people just thinking was going to be him but they weren't one hundred percent. Sure his act. As far as hulk hogan got stale in wcw. The red and yellow was starting to wait a little bit. He was starting to get booed a little bit more and more. Tell me your thoughts about going in and watching that as it unfolded. That was everybody's hero if you think about it back and w won't even know what i mean. Cliche wise. he wasn't mine either. I didn't take my vitamins. Just 'cause he said too. I liked the bad guys at that time against alley. Yeah i only like to hogan was cheating because he would always go back and they have that he'll style that style even baby faced in the world it made sense for them to flip the script. Ingo wait no. He's nobody's hero. He's not telling you to eat anything. Tv had that moore sonal came off in a darker way. Yeah amy he had signed with. Wcw he had done stuff done thunder in paradise. Stunt some stuff tv music or something like that he Anyways was by then as well too. Yeah and did some stuff but none of it was really clicking and we saw the declining value of hall cocaine and hulkamania. We start to see as far as not necessarily ratings per se because the ratings for wcw started to get some more notoriety. They start to build up a little bit more dollars. As far as what was being supported to them. As far as their production values concerned nitro came on and was becoming a bigger and bigger success. Going head to head on monday night and it all led to the thing where again as the months preceded it you started to see less less enthusiasm overhaul cogan. And those bruce become more audible so he decided to call an audible. And i think it was one of the best moves of his career. I went from an individual who could not stand koken tune individual that really appreciated kokin in the nwa even know his iconic promo that he cut when he ended up coming into the ring as the mystery partner and stabbing the back of all the hulk maniacs and going ahead and sabotaging the match and lake dropping live around the world. Yes the leg drop hurt round world on randy savage neck. I think he did it three times. If i remember correctly as i was watching it today and as the trash of an unheard of amount and unseen amount before flew into the ring he gave off one of the best promos of his career but he couldn't help it mess up he new world order..

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