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SFM Los Angeles. he is. so hopefully. yeah. yes. so hopefully. so hopefully. sorry ladies. summer is officially over get the class come on we're back to school on windows two point seven kids. in a put that one on the same line as. no. it was going to there's a better right side less traffic how bout getting your bills paid maybe for an entire year Ryan Seacrest calls another name in minutes if you haven't signed up yet the seven dot com he worked bills. Hey. this is. Regis. Regis. it started off. I was talking to you soon. well it's been nine you know. me something. Regis. Regis. to some flowers in the picture. now I'm on the. you. Regis. Ryan Seacrest is your bills year. Ellen wind Helen wind of Santana. call back in thirty minutes or less and you begin your bills paid for a year not you Brian's got another name the next hour. I have radio music you see no.

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