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Remax a commentary by newsradio nine twenty eight and what L. four seven F. M.'s Ron St Pierre governor Raimondo's executive order to wear masks when out in public when into effect on Friday and it's already brought controversy with police on one of the state's largest cities under the new mandate people are ordered to wear a facemask or covering in public places when they can't keep six feet of social distancing the governor saying people can face a civil penalty to if they don't abide by the order well the president of the Warwick police union says the union supports encouraging people to wear a mask but thanks the order goes too far the official statement reading quote we will not stand idly by and allow governor Londos over reaching order and we will certainly not be part of it by enforcing this order against our community unknown whether or not the what would police union's decision not to enforce the executive order will provoke folks to be if the face masks but it does mean the onus now will be on responsible retailers to refuse entry to their establishments to keep shoppers save since that was lead down and tracked on Friday by the way the woman police chief says his department will enforce governor Gina Raimondo's executive order for Rhode islanders to wear facemask despite the police union's position against enforcement now according to the colonel Rick RAF been in Warwick you should regardless of their personal opinions are police officers will enforce the laws just as they always have to protect and to serve the community work police union did post that letter to the committee on its Facebook page on Thursday actress Lori Loughlin thought that she was about to have the charges against her and her husband must emoji and newly dropped after it was revealed that Rick singer the alleged mastermind behind the college admissions scandal varsity blues had taped conversations at the behest of the FBI but U. S. district judge Nathaniel Gorton didn't do that at Friday's hearing in Boston so the charges are firmly still in place for them and for other parents were charged now the fuller house star is a little bit worried Laurie is convinced she did nothing wrong and wasn't expecting the judge decide against her that's what one source explained saying quote despite her setbacks she has no plans to back down from her not guilty plea she strongly believes that singer misrepresented himself and because she thought that he had acted on behalf of the school she feels that she's innocent so to review Lori and her husband are accused of paying half a million Bucks to get their two daughters into the university of southern California S. crew recruits even though neither girl had ever wrote I would never touch the nor and they're saying that the money that they paid where that money was legitimate they were legitimate donations but have yet to explain the fake resumes next up is a trial coming up in October so Lori Loughlin is no nervous that the judge will dismiss charges more Macy's stores are set to reopen today but shoppers should expect some big time changes here's fox's Tonya J. powers fifty more Macy's stores are.

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