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Immigration officials looking into the father who killed his eleven year old daughter in a drunk driving crash New Year's Eve Thirty-three-year-old whore. Hey, LA desma appeared in court Wednesday morning with prosecutors revealing that he is in the country illegally, the Desmond's wife and fifteen year old son also hospitalized from that crash. If the worst happens in one of them does pass it will be upgraded. A murder charge. Not an intoxicated manslaughter every person that dies Israel resulted. This crash will be a murder charge. Prosecutor sailor Desmond's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit at the time of Monday nights accident KTAR h news time three oh. Three day. Twelve of a government shutdown appears likely to stretch into day. Thirteen is actually already has Democrats in the Trump administration remain on opposite sides of border wall. Funding a closed-door meeting at the White House between President Trump and top lawmakers does not appear to have resulted in any breaks in a funding. Bill stalemate now House Democrats are looking ahead tomorrow, we will bring to the floor legislation which will open up government expected. Incoming house speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing up hair of funding bills, but neither provides five billion dollars for a border wall. That's likely to be a deal breaker for Senate Republicans and President Trump look at all of the countries that have walls, and they work a hundred percent President Trump has called for any funding Bill that ends the shutdown to include. Extra cash for a border barrier. Tom Graham, Fox News, a new university of Houston football, coach Dana Holger, San releasing his first message for Houston fans. Hey, y'all wanna go win some games? Let's go win some games short and to the point of like holders and coming to Houston after eight years at West Virginia where he went sixty one and forty one and led the mountaineers to bowl games and seven of his eight seasons. He previously was offensive coordinator in two thousand eight and two thousand nine bluebell getting a jump on mardi gras with a flavor. Inspired by the king cake to Mark.

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