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That's the Whistler from July second nineteen forty five with deadly innocent and bill Forman was her there and has the Whistler served on CBS hope you enjoy that all right you ready for part two of this five part yours truly Johnny dollar episode I'm really loving this five part series it had rained right weekend the Lamar matter here's part two from March twenty seventh nineteen fifty six starring Bob Bailey from Hollywood it's time now for Canada thanks just a moment please LOL McCracken universal just want the oral Johnny are you still didn't get much done sure did and I'm getting ready to leave us some better right now and the company of a beautiful charming lovely K. charming lovely girl named Bonnie Lamar okay now what do you that's right dumb is Renee Lamar's daughter you know of others died telegram for her arrive at the same time I received yours no she doesn't know yet did you think it might be murder and every weekday night Bob Bailey in the transcribed adventures of the man with the action packed expense account America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator because truly Johnny dollar expense accounts submitted by special investigator Johnny dollar to the universal chessmen bureau Hartford Connecticut attention Mr Patrick McCracken following is an accounting of expenditures during my investigation of the Lamar matter all was it murder expense account item one I'm calling in item one pad because it's really the first tab on the Lamar case it's expensive here in Ohio were charged against the jolly Roger case expenses for the vacation you promised me and I'm now so rudely interrupted I am one nine dollars sixty cents for that long distance call to Pat McCracken in Hartford some medication same as I was trying to say I tell me something bad as a claim already been filed on Lamar's million and a half dollar policy one how do you know about his death so quickly and both insurance.

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