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You should call Jeff for poll questions in the morning Chris you have his number I, don't go to a barber shop. You know what I mean that's yeah. Okay access to a barbershop. On these conversations. A. Man. This is nice. Man. Oh You got to be consistent. What as your attorney on television be consistent stick with Kyle Murray Okay I'll stick with cuyler. Top three MVP TOP-THREE MVP I do Damn Act together. Thank you Jerry. Jeff who would you take? WHO See your. All Day long with this when I promise you I have and I'm just Luca just. Under the circumstances. That guy just showed you what he's made of when you can do it under the light like that. I just think you know when you're talking to another level is just you got it and it looks like he really does have it kind. He sure does thanks for the call throughout something last night which team regrets their move the most. Bears passing on Watson and Mahomes the Hawks Trading Luca or the white sox they traded tat tease when he was only seventeen years old they really or the red sox trading. We only want to world series with that. You see they slammed Diego again. Over the weekend, they've won seven in row. Data Jerry by taking victory laps. Oh, down at the six one nine. The latest to go yards right. Jay You where he went to school. I. Said that the Daniel Jeremiah Mr APP. State. Love in this Cronin worth. Kid, I got my fantasy team. Boy The pods Reagan honor. What a fun team and Team we can get behind these are good questions. That's a good question. Maybe do that tomorrow and we had. To the mix. Here's what any talk talking who, what do you mean? We need to add jeff in Detroit's the out stop. Motion with great ideas. Great do you remember we had Bryan Cranston? Can you pump me up a little bit pleased instead of trying to take down here? No, no no. Do you remember we had Brian Wow hold on a second come on. Do you remember we had Bryan Cranston on the show and we asked him about the the Seinfeld episode where He. Took the head of of nitrous. Yeah. Before putting it on Seinfeld and he said that that idea came from the lighting the lighting guy. that he that the lighting guy said, maybe you should take ahead of the nitrous before you put it on Seinfeld. And he said that the. Moral of that story is best idea wins. Twenty seven when he came on, promote the book. That's sitting there in front of Mike Del Tufo desk autographed. Yeah so many toys and it's right there. It is right. Thanks for popping up on a life and parts. Best idea wins. It's a good idea today but I, mean, you know I. Look the DELUCA. Could have thrown Lamar to. Face. I think TAT loses out just because people are talking about football and basketball little more than baseball right now maybe I, don't know tees is broken through the national mindset it he's just west coast. No. I. Think Baseball Nobody's rich baseball baseball's great whatever He. needs to do it more. Cower Murray Murray's a link in his second year cuyler. More people have watched on. Saturdays. For quite a bit better I think cuyler Murray heisman trophy winner and could play baseball certainly has more name recognition Fernando Totti's junior because the NFL is does I know I know feel like talking about the same things over? And we had shock on earlier and again it's eight, twenty four, which is Kobe Bryant. Day and tonight, the Lakers are GonNa be remembering their. Fallen icon by wearing black Bomba shirts and. Jerseys and there you see it and the number two is for Jonah. Who is we all know Paris with her dad And we asked Jack about his memories and he said that what he thought of. Was An instagram photo that he asked for us to track down that somebody made. Put out a photograph of what shack would look like when he's sixty and what Kobe would have looked like when he was sixty and. These would be memories that he. Would love to have at shift refresh. Good stuff. That these are moments. that. He would have looked forward to and that he would have deserved Kobe in heat to half together talking about grandkids and talking about life. Man That is a moving photograph. As we remember Kobe Bryant tonight on a big game for the. Lakers and the blazers. On and obviously this family send only are. Wonderful. Best wishes to. Still can't. Believe it. Same still cannot believe it. I. WanNa. Thank today's guests I want to thank Shaquille O'Neal for joining our program Bill. Belichick called into the rich Eisen show. That happened. That was great. Loved it. I want to thank David Shaw I WANNA. Thank Tony. Shillue. That was a lot of fun and I also want to thank George Kill for calling into the show. we are just getting started here on the rich Eisen show on tomorrow's program Minka Fitzpatrick of the Pittsburgh steelers bubble Wallace Jeff Foxworthy. Will Join US also later on this week Jonathan Taylor. The rookie from Wisconsin now with. The Indianapolis Colts. Kenny. Smith. Joe. Manganiello who we love we'll talk steelers with him. Mark Stein Emmanuel Sanders Danny Devito is going to be on this program. I saw the one and only Ivan speaking of Bryan Cranston on him. That's Disney plus it's a fun movie and Courtney Vance will also join us. So I WANNA just say to everybody at NBC sports who believed in the show. to call out John Miller and Michael. CAINE. And Sam Flood and Molly Solomon People Vodka and the rest of the crew there. It's very dangerous when you start listing executives names, you leave anybody out I want to thank everybody for being fans of this show and bring. It's to peacock. We'll see on NBC. On, Tuesday. Well. Here we are on.

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